Prof. Chazan fired for refusing to abort


I was recently pleasantly surprised to hear about and attend a small protest in support of prof. Bogdan Chazan in London. It was organised by SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children).

Dr. Chazan is a well known figure in Poland now, as he was unfairly dismissed from the function of director at the Holy Family Hospital by the mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. Prof. Chazan refused to commit an abortion or refer the woman to an abortion clinic. He referred to the ‘‘conscience clause’’ which permits him to refuse certain medical services on moral grounds.

More on the issue in english:

Picture from the small protest outside the Polish embassy in London:


does anyone find it ironic that the hospital is called HOLY FAMILY hospital??!?!??!

When will people learn that if we kill the disabled whether its before birth or after, we’re no better than the NAZIS!

Prayers for this Professor/Doctor.


I would like to add that this doctor actually committed quite a few abortions in his lifetime, but thanks to God he realised his what he was doing was wrong.
Additionally, he was/is a very respected doctor. During his time as director at the hospital birth rates have increased (it is one of the safest hospitals in Poland) as well as the number of successful surgeries.


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