Prof claims Hispanic students perpetuate 'colorblind racism'


Ayala interviewed 50 Latino(a) students at Midwestern University—27 women and 23 men—to probe how they explained their academic success, discovering to her dismay that many students expressed credence in both “colorblind racism” and “abstract liberalism” while shunning affirmative action policies in support of the “free market, meritocracy, and laissez-faire ideology.”

For example, when asked to describe her success in college, a dark-skinned Latina named Carla responded that “everyone is equal and we all have the same experiences…I have [worked hard] and I deserve it.”

Sebastian, a student who is described as a “medium-skinned” Latino, also reflected on his academic achievements and failures, telling Ayala that “I guess all the mistakes have been just me…I am self-reliant.”

A student named Eduardo, meanwhile, reportedly said “I am disadvantaged, and I am very aware of that but that is not a bad thing, I just have to work harder.”

When introducing her findings, Ayala claims that students’ belief in meritocracy is symptomatic of a larger societal issue: a tendency among minorities to dismiss the notion that racism may have impacted their own educational success.


I don’t understand. They reject the idea that racist structures and systems are negatively impacting them, but they accept that colorblind racism exists?


It might take another generation, but I truly believe the majority of at least Mexican descended Americans will be Republicans despite everyone’s expectations.

Understanding it’s anecdotal, but I have never met any group that’s anywhere near as entrepreneurial as Mexican-Americans are, particularly recent arrivals. They are very judicious with their money, always have it, hate taxes, despise “people who won’t work”, and invest their money as soon as they have any at all.

But is this professor actually claiming it’s racist not to be racist? If you don’t fee yourself a victim of racism you’re perpetuating racism?

Good thing his Hispanic students are smarter than he is. They’ll get along in life and won’t be bitter for no reason.

And while we’re talking about “whites”, a lot of Mexican-descended people are easily as “white” as, say, Italians, and many are more so. Mexicans, on the whole, are said to be 80% Indian in ancestry and 20% “white”. If you look at a mixed family, you can see that the children can really be varied in their “whiteness” or 'brownness".

Look at the girl in the article picture. If you didn’t know from the article that she’s supposed to be Latino, would you necessarily know it?


I read it that they feel they got there on their own merits, not because of affirmative action policies. They implied the prof felt the minorities should feel more deference to affirmative action.


Yes, Virginia, there are colorblind racists infesting every corner of our society. They ally themselves with zombies and perpetuate implicit systemic colorblind racism.


And that is contrary to collectivist progressive orthodoxy. It is too individualist.
It’s part of the “you didn’t build that” mentality

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