Profane 'Coward' Remark Further Strains US-Israel Relations - Voice of America


** Profane ‘Coward’ Remark Further Strains US-Israel Relations **- Voice of America

Strained diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Israel further frayed this week after an anonymous U.S. official was quoted in a magazine article characterizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu using a profane slang that means “worthless coward.”

Netanyahu fired back Wednesday during a memorial ceremony in parliament for an assassinated Israeli official.

“Our supreme interests, chiefly the security and unity of Jerusalem, are not the main concern of those anonymous officials who attack us and me personally, as the assault on me comes only because I defend the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said.


Another example of “our great leader’s” qualities of executive level skills. The persons he chose to closely consult with and manage decisions reveal the below level of acceptance. However, we seem to be stuck. Perhaps after Tuesday’s election the American people will
“be able to …” Didn’t the “great leader” say something like that to the Russian PM just before the last election?

If only we could find that darn “receipt” and take it back!


American officials are apparently either not very intelligent or not too skilled in the art of diplomacy. Not long ago, Victoria Nuland declared: **** the EU in a telephone call to the American ambassador to Poland, and the American ambassador responded that he agreed with that.


Diplomacy and statesmanship have all but vanished from the White House. The Jr. Varsity is in charge now.:frowning:


This kind of stuff, distasteful as it is, is unfortunately, all part of the game of international politics and diplomacy…and has been since time began.

The good Prime Minister handled it well, went before his colleagues and presented his side of it.

It was an example of him knowing that if he could play with the big dogs or stay on the porch.

What is far more perplexing is not the rest of the world, but Americans expressing this self-righteous indignation because they don’t like this administration.

How I long for the day, when especially on the international stage, we supported our own leaders.


I don’t see any reason to support anyone who wants to **** the EU. Such people should be condemned, even if they are American leaders.


This really disgusts me. It makes me realize how far I am in terms of world view from the Obama people. (That’s a good thing, but it scares me that people like this are running the country - this sounds like something my uncle would say, not a top US government official. ;))


The comment is wrong, one can make a point without these sorts of derisive remarks but that said, I wonder if the comment reflects an attitude that “America is expected to do the heavy lifting” via Iran getting nukes. That seems to be part of the issue. Some want to take Iran on because of the nuclear program they have. It is a dicey situation.

Sure, we can criticize (criticise) the West all we want but it is not Western leaders who are saying Israel should be destroyed, things like that. It is some leaders in Iran who say those things.


Ah the ‘high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue’ eh?


Sometimes the diplomacu and statesmanship in and from the White House is form by the rejects from the Jr. Varsity. :wink: The seem to think that it is :cool: to insult our allies (like Isreal). :slight_smile:


It’s rumored that this was another of Joe Biden’s slips of the tongue, but of course it’s unconfirmed. I don’t know, I certainly dislike Bibi Netanyahu, but it’s plainly absurd for anyone in the current US administration to try and flaunt their imagined moral high ground.:rolleyes: If I had to pick just one word to describe President Obama, I don’t think “courageous” would be among my choices!


Israel is actually one of our most powerful allies in the Middle East. We need them in facing the threat of a nuclear Iran and other issues. We should not be treating them with this kind of contempt, especially at this point in time. It’s bad judgment, regardless of one’s take on Israel.


It was done deliberately to galvanize the Democrat party base for the upcoming elections. Anti-Israel/anti-Semitism plays well to the left wing.


Ha!:smiley: Pointing out that Netanyahu is a dirtbag is far from anti-Semitism. It would be like someone calling you a Klan member because you don’t worship Barak Obama’s holy majesty. I mean, why should we pull any punches when we’re discussing the most demonic people presently on Earth?


The article also states:

Back in late 1997, former President Bill Clinton refused to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu during the latter’s visit to the U.S. Two months later, Netanyahu returned to Washington, where he met with Clinton’s most relentless critics and was subsequently refused a visit by the White House. At issue then, as now, was the deadlocked peace process.

Today, says Elsner, an even more contentious issue is threatening the relationship: *** the nuclear deal with Iran.*** As the November 24 deadline approaches, Elsner predicts the U.S.-Israeli friendship will strain even further.

So I would contend one of the primary issues here is this with Iran.

Of course, no way do I think the US should go out with guns blazing at Iran. OTOH, if a power in the Hemisphere were threatening the USA with talk and that power was developing arms, we’d probably do something about it.

Anyway, this has been a big story of the last 2 days. We will see. Iran always seems to be “6 months from making weapons”, they definitely have sanctions on them.


I heard on the radio Dershowitz being critical of this statement made. So Dershowitz is an atheist, yes, he’s on lists of atheists but still a big defender of Israel (for exampe: and he’s also been on radio commericals). It’s a bit puzzling.


Netanyahu is famous for lecturing incoming US Presidents face-to-face on their first day in the Oval Office. He makes it clear that Israel will dictate America’s foreign policy. What’s more, Netanyahu has stated on numerous occasions that, “Israel controls America.” The man is mentally ill, and transparently so. Americans are the only people in the world goofy enough to fall for this garbage. Both Republicans and Democrats alike seem to consider it unAmerican to question Israel’s God given right to interfere in American politics. The only politicians worthy of admiration are those who refuse to be cowed and intimidated by Israel’s reckless accusations of “anti-Semitism” directed toward any and all who fail to go along with their program. The only thing noteworthy about this news story is that a group of people who tremble in mortal terror at the very mention of AIPAC’s name have the unmitigated gall to accuse others of cowardice.


Dershowitz is one of the most outspoken and notorious shills around; there’s nothing puzzling about his statements at all.


I would be opposed to any foreign country controlling America. If America is a representative democracy, it should be the American citizens and their elected representatives who control America, and not Israel. Israel has shown itself to be incompetent when it comes to bringing about peaceful relations with their Palestinian neighbors, so I don’t see why Israel should be controlling America.


I agree entirely. I would go a step further, however, and suggest absolutely no one with dual citizenship should be allowed to hold any political office in this country. No one with such blatantly conflicting loyalties has any business in American politics.

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