Profaning the Sabbath

I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place, but, here goes…

Would having a Pampered Chef party on a Sunday be profaning the Sabbath?

It seems to be the only day I can squeeze it in. It would be in the afternoon/evening.

I just can’t decide.

I don’t think having a party of most kinds (unless there’s too much alcohol involved or something) would be profaning the Sabbath at all.

You know if you give up something for Lent - say chocolate - you’re actually allowed to have some on Sundays? Because EVERY Sunday, being a mini-Easter, is a feast and not a fast. :slight_smile:

So absent any other moral concerns, I’d say party on!

Thanks for that. I don’t want to be scrupulous about it. :getholy:

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