Professing Christian who is struggling with sexually immorality


I have a co-worker who is a professing Christian and he has been having sex with prostitutes for the past ten years. He doesn’t like what he is doing and he would like to stop. He says that he feels trapped and that he cannot help himself. Everytime he tries to stop, he keeps falling into that sin. He wants help. Do you know how I can help him? Do you think that this person is a true Christian? Is it possible for a person to be a true Christian and at the same time commit sexual immorality for ten years?


He might be in some sort of bondage.
Pray for him. Tell him to do the same.
I would also recommend intercessory prayer - are there any Charismatic group that offer this kind of ministry?


Lead him to confession; give him the book “Theology of the Body for Beginners” by Christopher West. How about that?

Per your last question, it is possible for a true Christian to sin in any of those ways; however if it is a mortal sin, and his soul is either dead in sin or in danger of death. Galatians 6 warns true Christians against committing sexual immorality; that wouldn’t make any sense if they were unable to commit such sins.


I’m confused with whose intranquility this thread deals with, - your friend’s or your’s.

Be that as it may.

If it’s your friend that feels the intranquility of living this sin and feeling christian…then it means that God’s grace is still at work within your friend’s conscience. The moment your freind doesn’t have this intranquility…it means that he or she is depleting the grace in his or her soul.

Repentence is impossible without grace.

You cannot converse with temptation. The moment in which you start to converse the pros and cons of this or that evil action or decision - you are in the demon’s realm. Conversing with the temptation is like reasoning with the demon. In a weakened state, the will and the intellect start to rationalize the benefits one may obtain from this decision.

We don’t sin for the sake of sinning, we sin because we percieve a benefit to us in this evil action or bad decision.

Recidivous or repetitive behavior of this type - deteriorates the grace in one’s soul. Soon the individual pervcieves that good is bad and bad is good. And sin becomes subjective and philosophical…it is no longer percieved as an offence to God.

As it happened with Lucifer…the person begins to percieve God as the oppressor of his or her freedom.

It is a slippery slope.

Recognize the demon in this immoral habit…and make a clean break. No long goodbyes; no compromises; no terms; no deals; break immediatly!


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