Profession of Faith / The Nicene Creed: same thing?


Hello all! I typically post over at Family Life and Parenting, but I think this question belongs here.

Here’s the story: I was going to a parish church which is typically geared toward the Spanish Speaking community. At each Sunday Mass I attended the Priest would say/ask the Baptismal Promises instead of saying the Creed or the Profession fo Faith. It bothered me a little bit because I LIKE to say the whole thing. I feel it a very important part of the mass for me. After a number of times I thought I might ask why we skip the creed, and so I did: to the Deacon who assisted the mass.

“Why doesn’t the priest say the Nicene Creed at Mass?”

His response was:

“Oh that’s NOT the Nicene Creed, that’s the Profession fo Faith. We ONLY say the Nicene Creed at Rosary’s. It’s up to the Father if he wants to say the Profession of Faith or to renew the Baptismal Promises at Mass. Sometimes he says the Profession, but really it’s up to him.”

:confused: :confused: :confused:

I want to point out I didn’t argue, or get into a theological debate over this with the Deacon, but I really felt confused – and STILL do! My questions:

*The Nicene Creed is what we say during the Profession of Faith – am I correct?

*The Apostles Creed is what is said during the Rosary – am I correct?

*The Apostles Creed is also said on Easter Vigil AFTER the Catecheumins have received their sacraments of baptism and confirmation but before they receive their First Communion – am I correct?

I just want to know if my theological understanding of the Creeds and when they are said is correct. Also – that there isn’t a “rule” that States the Nicene Creed is only referred to as “The Profession of Faith” during the mass.

Oh by the way, we changed Parishes recently, and I get to say the PROFESSION OF FAITH (going with the safe term here in case I am wrong! LOL) every Sunday! :thumbsup: It’s better all around for us as my family loves it. I do look forward to your answers.


You are correct. The deacon is confused.



The Creed was not recited at all in the Latin liturgy in the city of Rome for about 1000 years. So in that sense it is not really necessary for a Mass.

I don’t know what the current GIRM states though, if the Creed was somehow part of a set of options it would not surprise me.

By the way, that would be the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed (if it did not have the filioque). I don’t know what to properly call it with the interpolation, so I suppose Nicene is a good nickname for it.



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