Profession of faith?

well my preist does not say either creed during mass, is the Eucharist still consicrated?
i know he is required to sat the apostle creed, nicene creed or in case of a baptism during mass that is acceptable. what should i do?

As long as he says “this is my body…” and “this is my blood…” the Eucharist is consecrated.

You might very nicely ask him about the Creed and see what he has to say.

yeah thats what i thought, im still alittle chicken to say anything but i know i need to.

the other thing that bothers me is during the consicration he calls all the children to gather all around the altar. just call me orthadox maybe its just me!

Is it at Sunday mass or Weekday masses that the priest omits the Creed?

It is generally omitted on an ordinary weekday.

There are only four things that make a Mass invalid, that is, that would directly mean the Mystery of the Eucharist was not confected (or accomplished, as we say in the East):

  1. Lack of a proper minister: Priest or Bishop.

  2. Lack of proper matter: pure wheat bread and pure grape wine.

  3. Lack of proper form: intentionally mangling the Consecratory formula so they do not clearly state that the Bread and Wine become the Body and Blood of Christ. Accidental stumblings over the words would not affect this, becuase it’s covered by intention.

  4. Lack of proper intention: that is, REFUSING to actually consecrate the Eucharist. This is hard to prove, as if a validly ordained priest or bishop goes to the trouble of putting on the vestments, saying the prayers, performing the manual acts and the like, intention is presumed.

Does omission of the Creed (whether accidental or deliberat on a Sunday or Feast) come under any of these 4 defects?

Such omission might be illict (irregular or illegal), but it’s not invalid.

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