Profession ritual/Extraordinary liturgy?


Has anyone ever heard of a candidate’s ritual for profession to the Secular Franciscan Order taking place at an Extraordinary mass? I would assume a low mass as a high mass would be to intricate and detailed to schedule it.

  I can find no outright objection to it in Sacrosanctum Concilium or the osf Constitution.

  Thanks. Just wondering.


I don’t see why not. It would be especially appropriate if it was a Fransiscan parish.


I do not think a High Mass is too intricate and detailed :slight_smile: It depends on where you are. If you know a religious group or diocesan priest celebrating the EF, speak to them about it. Of course, it also boils down to what the superior of the Order says (I am not sure how the Third Order works in terms of hierarchy, though).

If this was possible before, it should be possible now :shrug:


This kind of profession would take place after the entrance procession but before the Mass itself.

The candidate(s) for the third order would make the profession in front of the priest and be invested in the vesture of the third order (habit, medal etc). After the profession ritual is complete the celebrant vests for Mass at the sedilia or sacristy and Mass proceeds as usual (whether low, sung or solemn) with the candidates attending Mass for the first time invested as third order members.

The priest has the option of wearing the cope for the profession and then exchanging it for a maniple and chasuble or he can wear the chasuble and then put on the maniple for Mass.

The same principle applies to those receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony in the Extraorinary Form, with those rites taking place before Mass along with the extra blessings upon the newlywed.


Thank you all for your information.

The uniqness of such is evident. A ritual of the SFO under the Nova form(Rule), finally coming home to a liturgy that Francis himself would recognize. If it were forbidden, a sad commentary that would make.

But gladly such is not the case. What a marvelous dynamic Church we have inherited. :thumbsup:

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