Professional Wrestling

I was wondering, is it sinful to watch professional wrestling? I am not sure whether it would be classified as TV that promotes sex and violence or not.

It is obvious that there are sexual references (with the scantily clad divas and storylines) and violent scenes (the actual wrestling), but is it bad enough to classify it as sinful?

If it is, would it be a mortal sin, a venial sin, or just an imperfection?

I don’t see why it would be sinful, but professional wrestling hasn’t been worth watching in a long time anyway.

I think it is possible for it to be a near occasion of sin for some (for the reasons you noted), but I don’t think that it is sinful in and of itself. I hope it’s not, anyway, since my DH is a pro wrestler (though at a lower level than what you see on tv)! :eek:

Psalm 101:3 should be considered.

Does it bring you closer to God or further from Him to hear His name blasphemed, profanity, hate speech, pridefully arrogant comments, and degrading statements regarding women?

Does it bring you closer to God or further from Him to see women in inappropriate clothing, women being assaulted by men, and men hitting each other with foreign objects?

If you are willing to watch it if it is only venially sinful, then can you honestly say that your heart is truly set on loving God and doing His will; or is your heart merely set on avoiding Hell? While I don’t know your heart, God does.

See Romans 14:23. Seems like your conscience is convicting you by even asking the question. Perhaps the question you should more be focusing on is, “What is God’s perfect will for me?”

I have been an avid wrestling entertainment fan since 1984. It was something my parents watched at their grandparents houses. We never was brought up that it was sinful in any manner. We even use to go to the 8AM Mass on Sunday or go to the 5:30 PM Mass on Saturday night so that we could stay up and watch Houston Wrestling. If you take a look at the WWE which is World Wrestling Entertainment, you will find in the arena many children. I feel like if the parents tell them that the story line is just pretend and not real then all should be ok. As far as the violence on there. Just see what them men and women do every time they get into the ring to make their living and putting their health and body on the line for the fans, that in itself ought to be commended. If you feel that you shouldnt watch this, then dont. As my late beloved mother in law would say. Let your consciencse be your guide. Vince McMahon owner and CEO of WWE got on one of the shows and did an interview and said that it wasnt real that it was just wrestling entertainment. I hope that this has helped you some. Rest In Peace Chris Benoit and all the others who have gone before him that made wrestling what it is today. God Bless you.

Certainly not since the Big 80s. :smiley:

watching wrestling can be a sin,as it makes the viewer feel thoughts of violence,when you say hey come on wrestling man fight fight FIGHT you are thinking of violence.

Ha I love how this thread is like 7 years old :smiley:

And everything in it could have been writen today! :smiley:

Maybe a wrestling fan could help me out here…I dont see anything sinful about watching it, but I have to ask…why watch it in the first place? I mean, its no secret, its all fake, and planned out, they know who is going to win before both people get into the ring.

Just knowing its all fake would be enough to turn me off to it, if I was a former fan, but I guess everyone has their own likes and dislikes, Im no one to judge what another does for entertainment! Plus, its similar to nascar racing, Im not a fan of any sport really, but even I know why most people go to and watch Nascar, in the end, people like blood and violence, been this way since way back to when the Romans put on ‘shows’ and fights in the Colosseum, they knew what people wanted to see, so human nature has been like this for a LONG time, its not going to change anytime soon! promoters today know this too and put on a ‘good show’ to keep the paying crowd coming back…its big business, just like about everything else in our world today…personally, I think this is the real problem.

I’ve watched. off and on. since I was about five or six (early - mid 50’s). As far as it being ‘fake’. fale or not I would not like getting into a ring with someone the size of Big Show (7+ foot tall, 400+ pounds). As for Nascar, that is safer then what it grow out of (ridgerunners getting chased by the law). :smiley:

Movies and TV shows are scripted and “planned out”, with the ending already determined before they’re even MADE, let alone shown. :shrug:

Take professional wrestling out of the “sports” category and put it in “entertainment”… which the WWE unabashedly professes to be. I started following the WWE after my son got into it and my husband and I wanted to be able to talk to him about it. There’s a story line, there are good guys and bad guys, it’s really just a drama that we follow.

While it may not be a true sport, there is a lot of athleticism involved (watch some of the moves sometimes!) and not just anyone can walk on and do it. Most professional wrestlers have backgrounds in sports like football, martial arts, gymnastics, etc. and come from a long line of professional wrestlers.

It’s a great way for our family to share some time together!

Some of the pro-wrestlers today are the children and grandchildren of pro-wrestlers (ie the Uso’s are third gen).

But unlike adultery, violence is not inherently sinful. After all there are situations where violence is necessary to defend the innocent. And professional wrestling isn’t even a simulation of deadly violence, but rather sporting violence, which I do not believe to be sinful in and of itself. Of course it could be sinful or an occasion of sin for a particular individual, depending on their personal temptations, but I don’t think it would be as a blanket rule.

I haven’t watched pro-wrestling since the mid 90s (I still call it the WWF). But I always viewed it as basically a soap opera for guys. There is drama and good guys and bad guys and lots of overacting. But rather than settle things with lengthy monologues, they settle it in the ring. :cool:

Even though it is scripted, as bluerose said it still takes athleticism and skill (like a gymnastics routine would).

I guess it’s all in the expectations. If you expect it to be like football or baseball or some other professional sport where two teams play a match and the outcome is unpredictable, then, yes, the appeal will be inexplicable. But if you expect it to be like any other scripted show, but with some cool moves thrown it, then it is a bit easier to understand.

Some of my husband’s college friends are really into pro wrestling, and that’s how they describe it. I haven’t watched it frequently, but sometimes a party will get hosted for a major event and DH and I go. One time one of my husband’s buddies sat down with me and explained who all the people were, and all the interacting storylines that were going on. Some of them went back years! I did find that rather impressive. And the athletic spectacle is pretty intense.

It’s not something I would ever be interested in on my own, but I did gain some more respect of it as a result of those experiences.

Exactly! I never would have gotten into it if my husband hadn’t sat down with my son to see what it was all about, then invited me to join them. Personally, the whole “divas” thing is more annoying than anything else, but I was fascinated by the whole drama from a man’s point of view.

And, yeah, flying off the top rope and doing twists in the air and landing on your opponent without killing him or yourself… that takes some talent!:eek:

Hats off to this person for successfully reviving a 7 year old thread :clapping:

Flying off the top rope and landing anyplace without getting flatten con not be faked either. :shrug:

I agree entirely.,… it amazes me how agile some of those big guys can be!

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