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The Profile has a About Me section, but it does not show up anywhere, there doesn’t seem to be a way to look at someone’s About Me narrative.

Is the About Me in the profiles turned off?


Can you see anything about me if you hit the expand arrow next to my name


I can’t see anything on either of yours. NO wonder someone just a few minutes ago accused me of having zero credentials to post on these boards. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @BroIgnatius, and @Roseeurekacross,

I can see the information that both of you have posted when I click on your username icons.

It comes right up.

Editing to add that I see the location and the web address for you Bro. Ignatius, if that is what you are mentioning.

I think that some members are not filling out their information, so that when you click on their name/s, you don’t see their Profile information…?

When I fill out any of the information on here on the forum, I click on the blue “Save Changes” button when I’m done in the form section, and then I Reload/Refresh the browser page right afterwards so that I can immediately see the changes, as our browser page can have a “lag time” of not showing the change/s right away, so that it looks as though the changes didn’t take effect for the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I see that. I thought he was speaking about the lenghty stuff we used to have to be able to put on the old CAF.
I see info about his location and a website.
That’s it, Was there anything else?


Hi Clare,

I didn’t see anything else for Bro.Ignatius, unless he posted more information and it didn’t show up in his profile, for some reason.

I looked at your information and it’s there, and I looked at mine, and mine shows up too, in a condensed version which is what the forum does with someone’s information if they have posted a long version for their Profile.


Ok thanks for the info! I guess there’s just not alot of space for much info.


You’re welcome! :heart:

I noticed that they condensed the Profile info. for us when you click on our username icon next to our post to the left of our post/s, when they were still tweaking the forum here and there.

Editing to add that mine is a good example of this…

If you go and look at my actual Profile for example, you’ll see that it is much lengthier, but if you click on my username icon to the left of one of my posts, you’ll just see a condensed version that is taken from the first few lines of it. :slightly_smiling_face:


The ABOUT ME section is not showing on my profile or on anyone profile.


I am very envious of that grand piano and feel that is the only credential you need!

( that’s prob their problem too) .

Old grey mare I see yours too.

Bro here’s what I see

Bro Ignatius Mary, OMSM®, DALC, LTh, DD
St. Michael House Hermitage, Iowa
Religion: Catholic (Roman Rite)


When I type something in the ABOUT ME field in the profile, then save it. It does not stay saved. It disappears. Why?


@cawebmaster. Can you help

Profile Background and User Card Background

@BroIgnatius I see the issue you are having and I’m escalating it for review. If anyone else is having a similar issue please post so here.


Yes, that’s what I see on his as well.


I’m having trouble with the about me section, background pictures, location, and user card. Nothing sticks. Just vanishes.


@BroIgnatius, @pianistclare, and @Cruciferi: an update was made to the software. Please refresh your page and let me know if you’re still having an issue saving your profile/settings. Thanks.


They saved, but they don’t work.
Still not getting any notifications.
Sorry. :cry:


@pianistclare, does this trigger a notification?


Here on this page by my avatar, yes. But no emails to me.
I want to thank you for everything you are doing. It’s just baffling to me, I’ll admit I don’t know much about it.
God bless you!


How about now, @pianistclaire, does this trigger an email? Did my liking your above post trigger an email? Let’s give it several minutes…

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