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I hope I have this in the right thread.

Has anyone ever heard of using progesterone cream to help get/keep a pregnancy? i had a friend tell me that this is what she did and that I should try it. I tend to miscarry. I know I should and I will ask my Dr. at my next visit but I wanted to see what everyone else had to say about it.:slight_smile:

Your doctor will likely prescribe progesterone cream to lengthen the phase between ovulation and the onset of menstruation. If this phase is too short, conception may occur and be miscarried. Progesterone aids conception, in this way, primarily by lengthening (what NFP users call) “phase three.” You may also try to use B6. My wife had a short phase, like this (which would also make her prone to miscarriages), and has had it corrected by a regimen of over the counter progesterone cream and 100mg B6 vitamin taken three times daily (it is water soluble, which means you must spread out the dosages throughout the day). Talk to your doctor about trying these things, because they have completely fixed my wife’s problems.

Also, the admins are probably going to point out that nutritional advice is against the rules - so make sure to talk to your doctor! :o

I think BlestOne knows a lot about this…

This topic has been discussed before, perhaps you would have some luck doing a search?

I only suggest this because asking for medical advice here on the forums is against policy and if people start to give you medical advice the thread will be shut down. Perhaps you didn’t know this and I would hate to see that happen to you.

In the meantime I can offer you my prayers. I know all too well what miscarriage is like and it is very hard. God bless.

There is interesting information here showing progesterone and pregnancy:

Only a medical professional can tell you if progesterone support could effect your ability to carry children, but it is helpful for many women.

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