progesterone cream

Does any one know if the use of progesterone cream for premenopausal symptoms is allowed by the Catholic Church?

Go right ahead! It’s not a contraceptive being taking for contraceptive purposes, so there’s nothing wrong with it. :thumbsup:

Why wouldn’t it?

As far as I know the creams that are available are not concentrated enough to have much of an effect on conception. Therefore, they are not contraceptives and are thereby not rejected by the Church. If you’re in doubt, contact (either by phone or by face-to-face appointment) a pro-life NFP only doctor/pharmacist. Good luck!

Thanks for the feed back. Because it is a hormone use in the pill, I was not sure about the external use in the low dose. I hope it help her to feel some what normal again.

There’s nothing wrong about hormone use, even in pills. It is contraceptive use that is wrong. Progeterone is used in some BC pills but has other non-contraceptive uses. Same for Estrogen, also used in BC pills.

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