Program about CAtholics on Trinity Broadcast Network


I heard on Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo Thursday the 12th, that a program about Catholics (approved by EWTN) was to be aired at 5pm the same day on TBN. They all seemed very excited about it.

If you caught it, what did you think?


No! I haven’t heard about this, but if they replay it, I sure would be interested. I’m a Jewish convert to Catholicism, but I find Protestants and especial Evangelicals to be fascinating. No temptation to stray there at all( ever!) , but still the variety and their willingness to open new churches all the time - it just fasinates me.

For a time we couldn’t afford satellite TV, and having no TV reception or cable, I caught TBN and other protestant shows.



I haven’t caught it, but I don’t know if I’m surprised or not. They have one priest on there already with his own program, although his teaching remains in areas of commonality with Evangelicals. Can’t remember his name or his show’s name, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched.

I know that they also carry programs of some extremely anti-Catholic preachers and such, so they’re kind of all over the map.

If this is all true, I’m glad they’re moving in a more tolerant direction of the Catholic faith. There may be hope for my parents accepting my conversion after all! (They watch TBN regularly).:thumbsup:


I like TBN.

I am a catholic and I will openly recognize that this couple- the Crouches( with all their short comings)- have managed to bring the Word of God litterally to the world. To look at them they seem like the most unlikely people that God would pick, but He did. WE would have picked a catholic couple, of course.

It is just like when The Passion movie was made. If you ever went to a non-catholic christian board, how angry they were that God chose , of all people!!!- a catholic to make
this movie which is the final(IMHO) (for how much more accurate and compelling can it get) movie about His Death . And we know that Mr. Gibson has his demons he wrestles with. What an unlikely choice that God made.

TBN just presents the varities of Christianity without predjudice. Let it be all heard. It is the perfect forum for such a program. We have nothing to fear.


I agree with Doximom. I’ve spent many years watching TBN.

I’ve seen many programs there that are very sympathetic to Catholicism, if not outright promoting it. A few months ago I watched a movie on TBN that was so outright Catholic in its interpretation of the Passion that I kept remarking outloud about it to my friends.

I haven’t watched it in quite a long time, mainly because I like EWTN better, and also because I tossed my TV out three months ago… so it may be different now. Apparently there is even more Catholic programming now than before.


Just to clarify, the program I was speaking of sounded like a one shot deal, not on the regular schedule.


I did catch the program. It was very friendly to the Catholic Church, the priest Father John presented the faith very well.
It is a pleasant surprise to see Trinity Broadcast air such a program. It shows their openess to dialogue.
The Protestant pastor was very congenial and was in agreement with pretty much everything Father said. My only question is why is he not a Catholic?


I’ve seen episodes of the Bishop Sheen program on the TCT network. Seems like Evangelicals are becoming more tolerant of Roman Catholicism.


I didn’t catch it, but I did see the movie about Mother Teresa on TBN (I think it was TBN & not Daystar). It’s nice to think about the holy and praise Jesus together. Maybe I will watch TBN a little more.


I see small signs of hope that there may be some tolerance out there. But then they’ll broadcast the most bone-headed thing you ever saw right behind it.

I don’t have a problem with non-Catholic views or preaching, but it just gets all over me when they, well, you know. . . . . .


Well I haven’t heard of them here in the U.K. But I have heard of E.W.T.N. which I watch on a regular basis.


I think one of the biggest influences within the Evangelical world, who helped to lead the way toward an open dialogue and establish mutual cooperation with the RCC is Chuck Colsen. He has become one of the Evangelical community’s most prominent apologist against secularism and is very well looked upon and respected within that community.

Colsen was a major player in the movement of prominent Christian Evangelical organizations who signed a statement basically saying they recognized the common ground between Roman Catholicism and Evangelicalism, and would build on that to establish a relationship of Christian brotherhood and mutual cooperation to better fight the encroachment of secularism, and also working together in various charitable opportunities domestically and abroad.

I think it is because of Colsen and a few others like him, we are seeing more toleration and an almost acceptance of us and what the Church has to offer, on a network like TBN. Although Colsen doesn’t agree with the RCC in all points of doctrine, he is very friendly and I believe has been a great influence within his community to stress that we don’t have to agree on everything to be brothers, and to be a united front against the secular hostility leveled at both of us. Only the hardest of Fundamentalists are at enmity with Colsen, and for obvious reasons I guess, they see him as a traitor.


TBN has also shown a program about people of great faith, mini-documentries. They included Mother Teresa and John Paul II.

This couple, the Crouches- have only one message- Jesus Christ. While some of the men and women they have had on are way out there , it is still that same all important message- Jesus Christ. I for one, will not question anyone’s true faith in Jesus.

I do not think though, they have ever had a JW or a Mormom on for the obvious reasons.

I love being catholic. And while I would have all of Christianity make Holy Communion a centrel part of their worship, I must admit to one blaring fact:

These other guys can preach!!! I have learned more from them about the depth and layers of Scripture than any priest has done. They brought the Bible alive for me and I am a better catholic for them.


Paul Crouch Curses Those Who Contend For Sound Doctrine

Paul Crouch- I AM A LITTLE GOD…Critics be gone!

“You have attacked me, your children will pay for it.” TBN, Benny Hinn

“Years ago they used to preach, ‘O we are going to walk on streets of gold.’ I would say, ‘I don’t need the gold up there. I’VE GOT TO HAVE IT DOWN HERE’” Praise-a-Thon,TBN,

You need a Holy Ghost enema right up your rear end. Suzanne Hinn

Paul Crouch was asked to lay hands on Oral Roberts -Paul you are anointed. Oral Roberts was pronounced healed on TBN. It was reported less than four hours later, while visiting a home in Newport Beach, Roberts felt more pains and was hospitalized at Hoag Presbyterian Memorial Hospital shortly after midnight. Subsequent articles report that Roberts’ heart attack was "near fatal."

Benny Hinn: People around the world, who will lose loved ones, will say to undertakers, ah, not yet. I want to take my dead loved one, and place them in front of that TV set for twenty-four hours. I see, quite something amazing. I see rows of um, of caskets, lining up, in front of this TV set, and I see them bringing them closer to the TV set. And as people are coming closer I see, uh - actually, loved ones picking up the hands of the dead and letting them touch the screen. And people are getting - getting raised as their hands are touching that screen …

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