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I just saw a program entitled “what every Catholic should know about hell” on EWTN. I am so shook. I am feeling I should do my general confession I did when I returned to the faith two years ago over again. That show put the fear of going to hell in me and I didn’t have it before. I was as certain as I could be of God’s forgiveness for repentant sinners and now am wondering if I’m being presumptuous. Or if I’m despairing by doubting. Maybe it was too much information for my little brain. Anyone else see this and have ideas? Thanks.

I saw part of it. What was said was the Scriptural Truth. We also need to remember that when we confess what we are aware of as a sin(s), having a firm purpose of amendment and true repentance, we are forgiven by Him through His priest(s). He has told us in His Word that His Mercy is greater than His justice.
In other words, I feel that if I follow the Church’s teachings as closely as I possibly can (including doing things that He said He wanted us to do) and then often pray to Him for His Mercy while thanking Him for His blessings to me also (and often asking Mary to intercede for me too), that hopefully I’ll be with Him at some point in His Kingdom. Anything less leads me to despair:shrug: .

If this keeps bothering you, you might want to make a Holy Hour during which you can do an examination of conscience of all of your past. Make sure what you feel are strong, continuous thoughts (that your purpose of amendment wasn’t really there or that you didn’t have true repentance). If you come to something that you truly aren’t sure was a good confession, then go to confession for only those things again and make sure that you explain how and why you feel as you do to the priest there. It’s most probably a matter of scrupulosity however this way you can be done with it and not despair of His Forgiveness.

I didn’t see the show but I heard about it. All I can say is to not be afraid. If you live a good life centered on God and his commandments then what do you have to be worried about? Now, don’t get scrupulous about this, scrupulosity is no fun, trust me on that one. Pray about this, talk to God about it, take it to him and listen to what he has to say. Remeber the words of John Paul II “Do Not Be Afraid”. He must have said that thousands of times. Oh, you know who else said that? Jesus:D Don’t stress out. God Bless:thumbsup:

Darn, I missed that show.
I wanted to see it but totally forgot.
I know this sounds strange…but…
I think about hell on a regular basis and I’m thankful
that I do think about it.
To me it’s just a reminder that this is a place that I definately don’t want to go.
By thinking about that dreadful place on a regular basis, keeps me on track with my faith.

Thank you all so much. I was having intense dreams about confession last night. I’ve decided to go tomorrow and re-visit those sins I think were not made clear enough in my general confession (and explain this to the priest). I’m going to write things out today so I don’t get flustered. There will be a visiting priest tomorrow and it will be in a confessional booth. That helps me. I figure it’s better to possibly be scrupulous than to fret the possibility of hell. And I’m glad I saw the show because I wasn’t thinking of hell as a possibility. I always glossed over “because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell.” But now I think of hell as a very real and unimaginably terrible place. The worst punishment mentioned was the eternal loss of the beatific vision, our Lord saying, “I know you not”. Other suggested ideas about hell in the program were enough to shake my complacency, hopefully forever.

Will it be shown again anytime soon? :confused:

I saw it with my wife. I was quite impressed by it as a teaching tool. It was simple, to the point and very powerful. I wish I could get my hands on a copy to show it during a Catechism class. :thumbsup:

From EWTN’s program guide:


The Catholic Church has never wavered in its teaching on the fact and reality of Hell, this informative program features prominent Catholic clergy, apologists, and theologians offering insightful perspectives on this Church Doctrine. Catholic Compass

Tomorrow - Tue 08/19/08 2:00 PM (ET) 11 AM (Pacific)

Fri 08/22/08 4:00 AM (ET) 1 AM (Pacific)

If you miss these times, EWTN may have future listings on their website

August 22nd 4:00am (eastern time)

You can order a copy from the EWTN catalog. The info will be on their website or after the program shown tomorrow.

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