Progress in the discipline of prayer is evidenced not by the vagaries of mystical experience. But by growth in charity

I was baptized Catholic but quickly dismissed based on the actions of Catholics. I didn’t return until reading lots of books mainly works of Newman, Macintyre, Stein, Aquinas, Boetius, Augustine, De Maistre, Scotus, and John Paul 2. Upon this return I quickly realized that most Catholics don’t have a clue how to defend their faith or know the very important distinctions between Catholics and Protestants. Just was wondering if other people noticed this. I was surprised to see my uncles and grandparents affirm Protestant doctrine not having the slightest idea they were doing so.

Good for you for what you say in your title. Sometimes I am reading a book about a saint which focuses on his or her mystical experiences without really speaking of their Christian virtues, and I then quickly chuck it as soon as I realize this. Saint Paul said the great Christian virtue is love, Someone even who is not-so-good- can have visions and the like, as King Belshazzar in Daniel 5:5.

Your post text does not seem to have much to do with your title but I agree with both.

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