Progressive Minneapolis neighborhood swears off calling the police

The sheep are starting to get eaten…

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What kind of scum would call on the police to move on the homeless anyway?

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I was specifically talking about the guy who felt guilty calling the lolice after 2 black young men put a gun in his chest to steal his car.

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In parts at least, this neighborhood is acting with charity in helping these homeless. Providing facilities, the poor homeless people, living in city parks.

Holy Stromboli that reads like a Babylon Bee article.

Another resident, Mitchell Erickson, said he regretted calling 911 when two black teenagers cornered him a block away from his home, held a gun to his chest and demanded his car keys. Erickson said he mistakenly handed over his house keys, and the frustrated teens left him only to steal another car a few blocks away.

“Been thinking more about it,” Erickson said in a text message to a reporter. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”

I am embarrassed to share the same nationality as this clown.


This is so common, sadly.

You can’t make this stuff up.

And before I read this post I was about to say "wait until one of these people is a crime victim themselves; they’ll change their tune in a hurry . . . "


Inferring that someone would call the police “on the homeless” minimizes things.

From the article, another resident was flagellating hinself for calling 911 on a black guy unconscious in a stairway. This resident didnt call 911 because he hates homeless, Im sure he called because THERE WAS A GUY UNCONSCIOUS IN THE STAIRWAY!.

Ita not calling the police “on the homeless” when you get a gun put in your chest and car stolen. Its not xalling police “on the homeless” when your customers wont come into your store cause there is a homeless guy passed out in the entry.


I mean the main focus of the article is on the homeless camp. You’ve selected a part that is only two paragraphs of a much larger article.

Yeah it would be pretty pathetic to not want to defend yourself from a theft like that, but given the tone of the article and the website I don’t really trust it. It’s trying to make fun of middle class white suburbanites, but is clearly written for a similarly middle class audience that is terrified of homeless people as some kind of scourge. Pathetic article written for pathetic people. The overall tone is essentially “This could happen to your suburban neighborhood next!”

That was not my take of it.

Me neither.

I interpreted it as “oh, I’m so sorry I called 911 because these two poor little misunderstood black teenagers might have been killed by one of these racist police officers!”


Did you read the whole article? You’re absolutely fixated on two paragraphs when the rest of it is detailing the horrors of the homeless camp.

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I did.
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The type of people who have the temerity to think they should enjoy the park they paid for with their tax dollars. How dare they want to take to their kids to a park without risking robbery by junkie, getting AIDs from stepping on a needle, or hearing sexual intercourse in the red light tent district?

Clearly such bourgeoisie scum require a struggle session and then a 5 year term in a “re-education camp”.


Yes I read it, and concur.

Homeless camps are generally terrible places where people live far beneath their dignity as humans.

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Frankly, I am fine with this insanity by the American left, the consquences will be quite instructive to the country. This will only be the case if the American right has the willpower to keep this dysfunction contained to the local left-wing pockets.


I saw a Catholic Relief Services building once, I’m not sure if it had some apartments or hotel-like rooms for the homeless; but this sure tells me, we do need to find remedies to some of these problems.

And try to separate it from the crime part, which seems to exist. The gentleman in the story seemed to have been holed up by some hoodlum types.

Oh come on, Fox News and Tucker Carlson are highly respected some circles.

Amazing! As if the police are the biggest threat to citizens. Absolutely incredible. As @signit rightly says, you can’t make this stuff up. I invite that clown to come visit Baltimore. Then take a long walk down North Avenue at say 10pm. on a Friday night. And tell me, what was the biggest threat he encountered, the city police, or the gangs and drug dealers. I have to be completely honest here, I seriously doubt that he’d make it back alive!


How dare they want to take to their kids to a park without risking robbery by junkie, getting AIDs from stepping on a needle, or hearing sexual intercourse in the red light tent district?

Have you ever spoken to a homeless person? I lived in a city with lots and lots of them and they used to congregate on street corners. I did see telltale signs of drug use but I used to walk around at night on my own and they never tried to hurt or rob me. I’m sure they’re more likely to be drawn to crime but they aren’t necessarily evil. Honestly I doubt the authenticity of what a lot of the article says. Would prostitutes congregate around a homeless camp?

Besides, the main point is that sending the cops in to move them along and to maybe crack their skulls or arrest them doesn’t solve the underlying issue, and it’s hardly charitable. It’s just a way to get them out of the sight of middle class suburbanites. It’s just as bad as the middle class white guilt the article is trying to make fun of.

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