Progressive Muslims

Progressive Muslims

The problem I see with progressive Muslims is that for some reason they take extremist as being the real Islam and say we shouldn’t follow this lets follow XYandZ. When in reality they should realize that the extremist have deviated off of Islam and that XYandZ really is Islam. Plus they are trying to white wash, for a lack of a better word our religion. The laws that we follow do not change just because society deems it wrong. An example of this is that they are trying to make homosexuality ok, when in fact it is a perversion against the natural order of things. Another is that they are saying let women vote, be educated, have careers when it very clearly states in the Quran and Sunnah that woman can do all of these things. I honestly pity them because their agenda seems to be pleasing this world when all they should be worrying about is pleasing God.

wa salam

I disagree with ‘forward’ Islam.

The problem is that people, even muslims, just have this trouble disassociating the Middle eastern gov’ts with Islam.

You cant kill a woman for not wearing the veil.

Abortion is permissible if the womans health is in a situation that requires it.

There are at least 10things that are forbidden about suicide bombings, and all the arguments in favor of it are false when viewed in context.

And on and on.

Progressive muslims, however, are choosing what parts of the religion they like, and what they dont like. Its all God’s word (you may disagree, but youre catholic, and they say theyre muslim) and you cant just throw some of it out.

I’m sure if they knew more about Islam theyd be happy with it just how it is.

wa salam

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