Progressive Parallelism?


Is anyone here familiar with a theory called “Progressive Parallelism?” It’s an amillenialist interpretive tool a la William Hendrikson for interpreting the series of God’s revealings in such books as Daniel and Revelation. Is this teaching of his compatible with Orthodox/Catholic views of Revelation, etc.? Any help would be appreciated…

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Is no one familiar with this?


Let me put it this way: Hendriksen claims that: “The Book of Revelation consists of seven sections. They are parallel and each spans the entire new dispensation, from the first to the second-coming of Christ.” Is this correct or not according to Orthodoxy/Catholicism?


I don’t know about Hendrickon and I don’t know about progressive parallelism. However parallelism starts early and keeps on going throughout the Bible.

Since parallelism is one of the most powerful tools available to writers in order to draw attention to similarities or differences between features of the stories, I would say it is not an accident and most certainly worthy of note.


Alexius: If by parallelism you mean that the book of Revelation presents almost the same sequence of events over and over, using different symbols, that is certainly a plausible view held by many. Whether or not it is specifically Catholic, I don’t know. Probably some Catholic scholars hold it.


Thank you both for giving your answers…:slight_smile:

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