Progressivism and History

If one considers him/herself a progressive or liberal, is it permissible to look back longingly on the past, or would that be considered regressive? :slight_smile: (Note: I’m somewhat politically progressive myself, but I was a medievalist first.)

Liberals are the least progressive, this is an oxy moron. Take rail which is 19th century technology.

Oops. I guess William Morris answered my question… he was a classic medievalist, but of a socialistic persuasion politically. I could see how the utopian qualities of both could go together.

Conservatives want to conserve what they have - for fear of losing what they don’t deserve!

At times, this can really be true… conserving not so much culture or history or faith, but mere property or status.

And the main cause of much unnecessary misery and suffering. :eek:

its just about keeping an open mind. you can be open to returning to past ways.

These terms we use are too simplistic. Progress can involve moving backwards. That’s what all those mazes we did as a kid was supposed to teach us: if you want to reach the finish line, but you’re at a dead end, you must re-gress in order pro-gress.

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