Prohibition on death penalty threads?


I understand the mods have placed a moratorium on threads about the death penalty. Where can I find their statement to this effect on CAF?


They’ve repeated this numerous times.


Thank you. But I was hoping to find their actual statement rather than references to the moratorium after it was established.


There are a few threads in site feedback. It was quite explicit. The quotes above ARE actual statements. That’s not a reference, it’s a statement. You may PM the moderator if you like.


there must have been a lot of division, for the moderators to issue a moratorium

we must respect it.


They banned Evolution and discussions about the Pope before.


I wasn’t even remotely suggesting that we not respect the mods’ decision. But one day I came to CAF and folks said something along the lines of “this morning the mods decided to prohibit threads on the death penalty for the time being.” And I wondered how they knew this, where it was posted…


That sounds like a post I made in response to a thread the mods answered on site feedback. The first couple also had the comment something like “spread the word”. If you open camoderator profile, go to activity, and look at the posts, you’ll find them.


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