Project for Catholic Answers Live - Volunteers Needed!


I’ve read a few places on the forums about people wanting a “log” of the callers on the Catholic Answers Live radio shows.

I created something to do just that. To complete the information, volunteers are needed.

I have create a public Google Docs Spreadsheet that needs filling in. The link to that document is:
*]The public can only view the document.
*]If you would like to volunteer and help enter information, I will grant you access based on a sign-in. The information I’m asking you to include is self-explanatory in the spreadsheet. *]If you’d like to volunteer, send me a Private Message! Include your e-mail address - which is used to grant access for editing.
*]It should be noted that isn’t an “official” CAF or CAL position. I’m just a man with a certain eagerness about him.
I believe that has available online, the radio shows from 2008 and newer.

For 2007 back to 1998, I will have to provide to you in some other method yet to be determined.

This will be a great tool for people to use for searching and growing!

Why would anyone want a “log” of the Callers? Just curious…

I think the idea is to have a searchable database of when a specific topic or question was discussed on the show. Or when certain guests were on the on. Or if someone has a favorite host, the database would provide a list of his or her episodes.

Although the database has a field for caller name, I don’t think last names are commonly used when people call in, so I don’t think it would be useful in tracking specific callers.

Here is a list of the fields in the database

Topic Title
URL to Download
Audio Link
Callers Starting At
Caller Name
Caller Location

I am not sure of this but one possible omission in the database is the lack of a field which would identify a caller’s question or concern. Then again, that might be hard to standardize and without a standard list of key words, searching the field would be difficult.

oops… I missed four fields in the database (I didn’t scroll to the right like I should have) :blush:

Here are those fields

*Listening Method
Call Timestamp
Call Duration
Caller’s Question *

As you can see, there is a field for the caller’s question. But I am still concerned about the need for standardizing the words which are entered into that field.

So then suggest a standard. :thumbsup:

If you’ve read threads on CAF or listened to callers on CAL, callers often recall “John” phoning “about a month ago”.

If one were to search for John from 6 to 2 weeks ago, how many hits do you think they might receive? If there is 1 caller named John per show, you’re looking at just 70 hits.

Further narrow that down using any 1 other piece of data, such as 1 hit on the topic, and boom - you’re likely to under 5 or 10. Both of these are certainly manageable.

Forum software often has “tags” used a on per-thread basis. I know it’s a feature available for vBulletin. My idea would simply be a method for having the same thing for an audio program.

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