Project Rachel to tackle extreme abortion rates in Eastern Europe [CNA]

Rome, Italy, Dec 19, 2009 / 02:18 pm (CNA).- Project Rachel is working to expand its ministry into Romania and Ukraine, where women report having had between 13 and 30 abortions. Speaking with CNA in Rome, Vicki Thorn, Executive Director of Project Rachel, described how the priestly vocation is fundamental to discovering and offering new opportunities for post-abortion healing.

Vicki Thorn is a veteran in the field of post-abortion healing, having been involved in the ministry for 25 years. Recently she has been traveling to Europe to address the issue of abortion in eastern European nations, especially Romania and the Ukraine.

“Eastern Europe has had huge numbers of abortions, in part because of communism, (but it’s due to) all kinds of things. Doctors and priests see that this is a big issue because people are coming forward and they’re talking. The doctors are saying that there are women with 13 to 30 abortions,” she told CNA.

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IMHO we have a lot of work to stop this worldwide abortion population control ] machine. Mother, Mary please pray with us.

It is my understanding that Project Rachel is a Catholic program. These women are using abortion as birth control. From years under communism I’d imagine that these are mostly athiests. There is a wide chasm between abortion and NFP. I can see a real challenge
here given the Church’s teaching on contraception and would be interested in how project Rachel hopes to accomplish its mission.

Yeah,! isn’t it great?
A chance to minister …on two levels:)

The situation in Europe is truly a sad one. I am happy to see some group trying to tackle this situation. :slight_smile: Godspeed Project Rachel. :thumbsup:

Project Rachel is a program to assist women seeking forgiveness, and healing after having an abortion, for whatever reason. The Catholic Church just administers the program, like operating a soup kitchen, you don’t have to believe or belong to the Church to participate or benefit. It has been very sucessful here in the US, let’s pray it is as sucessful in Europe also,

Vicki made a wonderful statement near the bottom of this article.

"If we could get communities of religious to take this as a charism… that will then allow Eastern Europe and Latin America to move very quickly."

This is the same idea that we Franciscans had and why we approached the bishop about starting a new Franciscan community of men who will do this as their charism 24/7. If you’re a man and are moved by this, check out the Franciscan Brothers of Life at and if you’re a woman please check out the Sisters of Life at

These communities need to grow and to spread beyond the USA.

May God bless you for your generous gift of self.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

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