Project Veritas: Bernie Sanders Field Organizer Suggests Gulags to Help

Minimization is one of the things Pool predicted in those videos. Another was a slow roll-out by James O’Keefe and that, knowing O’Keefe, there is probably more of the same sort of gotcha videos to come.

Pool also suggests that people not in that milieu will be totally freaked out by these people; I know I am.

They are very shrewd, knowing how to maximize the PR and impact.

I suspect his team’s background has been well investigated for cracks.

They are? I haven’t seen any evidence of that. Opinions on the bernie supporting sites seems split between “this guy was probably planted by project veritas” and “The videos seem like they’re taken right around the time he was kicked out of the campaign for being arrested.”

PV is not interested in “truth”. It plays gotcha.

This is the way these guys actually think.

Just remember that the next time you hear them pretending to condemn President Trump for a false “Charlottesville” narrative or some such.


They despise the “Charlottesville” INSIDE of THEMSELVES.

And they should despise it.

But not deal with it by wholesale-projection of their own “issues” against innocent persons. Innocent at least of THESE things.


Just listen to Bernie’s guy here . . . .

. . . Jurek justified this by proclaiming that this is all in the name of preserving the human race and the planet and that some will stop at nothing to make sure that happens.

“There are things that are more important than the rule of law in the United States when it comes down to the existence of the human race,” said Jurek.


Philosophers call that a false dichotomy.

Nepperhan . . .

Now, people here seriously think he would favor re-education camps?

Philosophers call that just plain old false. (Nobody here said that.)

No, opinions are neither true nor false. Some are accurate and some not.

If you want to believe the philosophers.

I sometimes get the sense that these radical leftists would like to be judge, jury and executioner without any fair trials. Next thing we know, they’ll be trying to play God!


OK, like when?

O’Keefe is a conservative gadfly totally inconsistent with journalistic standards. All he tries is ‘gotcha’!

In my opinion.

‘Gotcha’ is a very old journalistic standard; I remember it being done back in the '60s. Now, finally, it gets done to everybody, which is only fair.

Like the way the House leaders conducted the impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

And how the more radical among them try to dictate how the rest of us should personally live while they, themselves, do pretty much as they please. Advocating the total banning of airplanes, cows, automobiles, etc., under the unsustainable policy proposals in things like the “New Green Deal”, while they don’t seem willing to practice the same in their own lives.

How the openly conservative get persecuted these days simply for wearing a hat the extreme leftists don’t agree with – beating people up on the streets, driving them out of restaurants, punching them in the face, hurling drinks at them and staging violent protests on college campuses – all the while, law enforcement looks the other way and the media supports it.

Deciding who has the freedom to speak under the First Amendment, and who doesn’t. Social media sites censoring ads and opinions they don’t agree with, thereby deciding for the themselves and the rest of us what they consider offensive, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it.

How some in power support full-term abortions, to the point of infanticide by giving tacit approval to allowing babies already born to be killed after the mother and her doctor consult with each other.

And now, here comes the dangerous proposal to re-educate citizens in gulags as a means of forcing the populace to conform and comply with their political views and idealogies. And while it may not ever succeed, if there is even a remote chance it can, it should stand the hair up on the head of every freedom-loving American.

This is the kind of stuff that goes on under dictatorial regimes – and that’s where we’re headed if these left wing radicals get their way.


This apparently was not Bernie’s guy,
Jurek’s “first rodeo”.

. . . “The 38-year-old was previously arrested in September 2019 for possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a prescription drug, and possession of drug paraphernalia.” . . .

Bernie Campaigner Kyle Jurek Arrested Days Before Project Veritas Exposé

(INSET: Mugshot of Kyle Jurek) WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 09: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), listens during a press conference on Capitol Hill presenting the No War Against Iran Act on Thursday, January 9, 2020 in Washington, DC. The No War Against Iran Act denies funding for unauthorized military force against …

Alex Wroblewski/Getty, Polk County Sheriff’s Office


16 Jan 2020

Kyle Jurek, a field organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign, was arrested just days before Project Veritas released undercover footage of the self-described “anarcho-communist” suggesting that Trump supporters require re-education in Soviet-style concentration camps.

Jurek was arrested on January 8 by Iowa state police, according to Polk County, Iowa, Sheriff’s Department. Jurek was charged with violation of probation, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to provide proof of financial liability, as well as operating while intoxicated — his second offense. The 38-year-old was previously arrested in September 2019 for possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a prescription drug, and possession of drug paraphernalia. . . .

. . . He was filmed arguing that gulags were beneficial for the Soviet Union and suggesting they could be used to re-educate both Trump voters and billionaires. . . .

. . . “We’re going to make [1968] look like a . . . girl’s scout . . . cookout,” he then warns, referring to the 1968 DNC convention in Chicago, where left-wing activists engaged in violent riots in the streets. “The cops are going to be the ones . . . beaten in Milwaukee.”

Despite Jurek’s statements, he still appears to have employed by the Sanders campaign, which has yet to address Project Veritas’s explosive footage.

More Jurek (that is one of Bernie’s communist guys working for him)
quotes that you can DuckDuckGo yourself at Law Enforcement Today under the title:
“Sanders campaign: “Cops are going to be the ones f’ing beaten” at DNC campaign”

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As has already been noted, there is more to come:

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No true communist, etc.

No true communist, etc.

What do you mean? I didn’t comment on whether or not anyone is a “real communist.”

I don’t know what everyone is so upset about. I’m sure that these will be democratic gulags. :laughing:

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Again, what this is a joke? I know some people who are more liberal/left leaning seem like jerks but what if they have their reasons (growing up in a poor community, personal experiences with the health care system, etc), there’s something behind their ideology and political stances.

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