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I’ve talked before about how it would be best for catholics to boycott all those businesses that support abortion, or sell/fund/promote contraceptives, and indeed have thought that it might be an idea to found such a business myself (later on of course :p), however, in the mean time, does anyone know of any pro-life companies, businesses, or restaurants. I know about Dominos, Chic-Fil-A, In-N-Out (however they donate to Salvation Army which has a weak stance on abortion, and I think tries to do the whole Protestant Evangelization (i.e. stealing catholics away)), and Carls Jr/Hardees (which does donate to Prolife causes, but also has some bad commercials such as the Paris Hilton one). Are there any others? How about shops or companies?




I don’t know of any other than Dominos

Has anyone heard of Arbonne and where they stand on moral issues??


does anyone know about pizza hut?

and how do you get this information anyways?


**The best way to find out whether a company actually supports or endorses something is this…

  1. Do a search for the company on GOOGLE

  2. Once on companies website look up charitable giving ( or look up the site map) Most companies will list who they donate to.

  3. But some will not ( like Pizza Hut for example which is part of several other companies such as Taco Bell, KFC A & W and others who formed one foundation call the Yum Brands Foundation)

  4. Once you know the name of the foundation go to a site like

5.At the top you’ll see a link called FIND FOUNDATIONS then navigate to LOOK UP ORGANIZATION then to 990 FINDER
This is the tax form they must file, somewhere in there they must disclose charitable donations and the amount

I know this sounds like a lot of work but i recommend doing it and not just trusting websites who say that a certain company donates to a certain cause. Also in my research i have seen where a company will give 50,000 to Catholic Charities and 1000 to Planned parenthood. I don’t agree with their decision to donate to PP but at least they are also giving more of their money to a Catholic organization ( this example is not from pizza hut)

I used to work in development and researched foundations and people for a living…**


I would suggest looking going to the Ave Maria funds website
( ) and see what companies they invest in. It is available by looking at their shareholder reports. That should be a good start.


we buy our vitamins from American Pro-life Enterprises. Can’t beat that! :smiley:


Is there anyway to e-mail the Ave Maria Fund? I checked their website, but it couldn’t find the e-mail.



**go the Contact US link on the side bar and it will show the email…but just in case you can’t find it here it is…**


We have Dominoes around here but they’ve had a serious bug problems. The Hardees that was around here burned down.
I didn’t know these supported the pro-life movement, though.
I wonder if that’s a sign that one is bug-infested and the other burned down?


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