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I’m relatively new to this forum so I didn’t know where else to post this question but thought I’d try here to start. I was solicited by phone tonight by an organization called the “ProLife Campaign”. I became a little suspicious of it when they ask me to make my contibution via credit card. I refused to give my credit card number but ask for a pledge commitment card, instead. But has anyone heard of the “ProLife Campaign” and is it a legitimate prolife organization? Or is there a better prolife specific organization to make contributions to?


I have not heard of it either but I am always cautious when phone solicitors call. I usually ask them to send brochures of their organizations and as of today I haven’t recieved any. Plus its always good NOT to give over the phone using your credit card. There are way too many thieves especially this time of year. Choose a pro-life group you know and stick to it. When solicitors call me I always tell them I donate to charities of my choice and that I never donate to phone solicitors and I ask them to take my name off their list.


I would not give to any organization, by credit card or any other way, I know nothing about, just their name gives no credibility. visit Judie Brown’s pro-life site on the Catholic Q&A section on the EWTN site, you can click on her name and she has lots of answers about good pro-life organizations, national and state.


Thanks, for the advice.

God bless and have a happy Thanksgiving.


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