Prolifesearch back...


Well is apparently the new prolifesearch domain name.



Are the two sites actually connected or are they just doing similar things?

A registry search shows that is registered to:
Crossroads Inc
PO Box 2219
Columbia, MD 21045

with the administrative contact being James Nolan,

I ask if the two sites are connected because, which was set up by a couple Chicago area lawyers, disappeared mysteriously and with the appearance of financial irregularities.


Hi, my name is Jim Nolan. I wanted to let you know that I have no connection whatsoever with the old prolifesearch website. I run a national collegiate based pro-life organization called Crossroads. We conduct pro-life walks across America and Canada each summer made up of college students from schools in both countries. We started because we were upset that the old one shut down and decided to start a new one that would be run and owned by a pro-life non-profit.

Hope this helps!

Jim Nolan


I found the site to add it to your Firefox browser search engine
That way it’s always your default engine and you use it every time, so it gets more hits!


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