Do you use Google?

If so, then use this website instead:

They use the Google search engine, so you will get the same results as using, but the difference is that the more people that use this webpage as their search portal, the more money that will be given to pro-life charities. So use it and tell your families and friends about it.

I am making it my homepage.

Have a blessed Lent!


bumpity bump


proudtobecatholic; do you post anywhere else than here?



Excellent! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


[quote=Crow]proudtobecatholic; do you post anywhere else than here?


Not phatmass.

I spend most of my time on christianforums, with also some time at byzcath.


I just saw that just made another approx. $1000 donation. Come on people get on the bandwagon and let your family and friends know about it. The pro-life movement is picking up steam, we have the pro-abortion people on their heels, we need to do all that is possible to continue this freight train, this is one easy way of doing so.


Is anybody using this site regularly?


[quote=proud2bcatholic]Is anybody using this site regularly?

Not yet, but I’ll start now.



Yup! and feature it on our website too. :thumbsup:


This is the first search engine in my list of search engines. I use it whenenver I look things up. The other search engines are the ones I use for egroups or that the kids use for their school work. :thumbsup:


I just found out about it last weekend at a retreat. It’s my new search engine:thumbsup:


I’ve found a Firefox plugin that adds to your list of available search engines, and I’ve made it my default. Very cool!


it doesn’t catch up with google, try searching some nasty words


Yes, it is always my first choice; registered with them too.


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