Well, last week I had my senior prom and my boyfriend came up to take me. It was amazing! We hung out and talked most of the time and he met most of my friends there. He’s up here this week and we just got back from the movies. I’m so excited, we’re having a blast!

Thanks for all the prayers and everything. I thought chastity was going to be hard because of the distance but God and Our Lady have been good to us.


So happy for you! Glad you had a great time! :thumbsup:



So why are you on here talking to us? :shrug:

Just kidding, glad to hear all is well, although, you may not read this until he is gone, but anyhow, God bless both of you for your virtuous life!


i’m not familiar with your situation. ive been reading on here for awhile and used to have a username but couldnt remember it so i made a new one. are you graduating high school and your boyfriend is away at college? if so i may be able to offer some advice as my now fiance was a year ahead of me and went off to college while i was still in high school.


No, he just graduated HS and I graduate in a few weeks, but we do live far apart and next year, we’ll be going to different colleges. We’re best friends and we’ve been dating for almost a year, we’re also different faiths (I’m Catholic, he’s Protestant) and I’m just glad we’ve been making it work and so glad I got to see him, I hadn’t seen him for almost as long as we’ve been together.

Any advice is much appreciated though:)


well i guess i could just tell you that many people our age especially were very negative about our relationship ( we had only been “officially” together for about a month before he left for college although we had been hanging out/ dating for about 7 or 8 months). they pretty much said oh hes in college he’ll be meeting new people and want to party have fun yadda yadda. we both knew this and we were determined to make it work and we’re so glad we were both committed to it. as long as you guys decided you wanna make it work, it takes alot of effort but you’ll be fine!


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