Prom is in a couple months and my boyfriend is coming:blush: Please pray for us, that we may make wise decisions, that my friends may do the same, and that everyone stays safe.

It’s awhile away but we’re all getting dresses and such already, I’ll have to make some appointments and I have to take care of guest forms and the like.



Prayers for y’all and all prommers. Certainly a bit of an ethical battlefield in a number of ways. You sound level-headed though, which is more than half the battle.

And make sure you always keep enough money on you for a taxi home from wherever you may go! Don’t depend on others for rides.


Praying for you. I’m glad you’re already planning on making good decisions.


Have fun!

My current boyfriend(whom I, at the time, had a HUGE crush on!) drove me to prom, but didn’t go himself (no idea why). He regrets it now! Silly boy.

I will pray for you.:slight_smile:


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