Prominent Homosexual Activist Says Bestiality OK "As Long as the Animal Doesn't Mind"

This is just perverted. And, I’m raising my family is this sick culture? Very, very discouraging.

No. First comes (legitimate) non-man/woman “marriage”.

Then comes (legitimate) polygamy.

Then comes (legitimate) incest.

THEN comes (legitimate) bestiality.

Then comes (legitimate) “marriage” with the inanimate.


Ew! Oh my gosh…what on earth??
I wouldn’t put too much credence into this though…he sounds truly a bit out there, and while there are probably people who believe what he’s saying, I don’t see our society ever condoning having relations with animals. You know what’s sadder about that? It won’t be because of morality issues, it will be because PETA will say that an animal doesn’t have the capacity to say no.:o

I think I have lived in the USA too long.:smiley:

Oh my goodness soon we’ll be lobbying for the gay/lesbian/transgender rights of our pets…

… after all, they are “mans best friend!”

Disgusting. Expected, but still disgusting.

If the acceptance of sexual behaviors is based solely upon the concept of ‘consent’, I cannot imagine of a sexual behavior that in time will not be considered legitemate and normal.

The main problem comes with people demanding rights under the Constitution or human rights. They’ve taken the concept of natural and human rights to places they should not be taken to.

Oh my goodness soon we’ll be lobbying for the gay/lesbian/transgender rights of our pets…

Then I guess you won’t be wanting to hear about the penguins in Central Park Zoo… :eek:

Wow. That man is just beyond help.


And the Implosion continues.

Time for the New Crusade.

The idea that animals can consent to sex is the craziest thing I have ever heard. Animals do not have the capacity to consent, and that is why bestiality is wrong.

That won’t stop some people, though. :mad:

I recall, back when the “gay marriage” bandwagon was starting to crank up, six, eight, ten years ago or so, that some of us said, "If the militant homosexual lobby manages to push through the mainstream legitimization of two homosexuals being allowed to “marry”, the next thing will be a push for the legitimization of bestiality.

And the pro-homosexual camp all came out and basically told us we were out of our minds. “This will never happen!”, they told us.

Uh-huh. It’ll never happen. Nobody will ever even suggest such a thing.


Well, I hate to say that I told you so, but…

Consent is not the reason why bestiality is wrong. Animals cannot consent to any of things we do with them.


Of course animals can show consent. Offer a dog a treat - it will wag its tail and lick your face. That’s consent.

I won’t dare apply an example with regards to intercourse, but the basis is the same.

If ‘consent’ is the basis of sexual morality, ANYTHING is permissible.

Good ol 1 corinthians 10:23:

12"Everything is permissible for me"—but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me”—but I will not be mastered by anything.

I think when he said everything, he meant EVERYTHING.

I am fairly confident this was actually said in jest - incredibly poor taste though it is. I don’t think anyone could seriously argue that animals are capable of consenting to sex.

I agree. I think Kameny was simply baiting LaBarbera, who is legendary for his outrageous writing about gays. LifeSite seems also to have taken the bait…“a new mission”? :rolleyes:

Whether a jest or not, it will still have the same result. And I disagree with your second point. There are more people than you think that would advocate this, and far more that would say “I may disagree with your bestiality, bit I will defend to the death your right to do it.” No pun intended.

heheheheheheh…do you want some candy, little girl?

It’s pretty unrealistic to say that the Founding Fathers had this kind of thing in mind when speaking about a right to “the pursuit of happiness.”. Try as I might I can’t imagine Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and George Washington responding to the idea of sexual acts with animals with anything but horror and disgust.

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