Prominent Psychiatrist: "No Particular Need for Sex-Education"

Commentary by Dr. Philip NeyOTTAWA, September 4, 2008 ( - I am a retired professor of psychiatry, having taught in 5 universities in different parts of Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand. I have also run child and adolescent psychiatric units. I have been on school…

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Very good article and totally true. :thumbsup:

What really disturbs me is that we began sex education in elementary school, and guys were starting to make sexual innuendos at that age. Then in middle school, we learned about “safe sex”. :mad: It wasn’t till I switched to a Catholic high school that we talked about chastity.

What really disturbs me is the fact that people still think abstinence only education works. Regardless of the fact that children and young adults are enrolled in sex ed classes and exposed to the dangers of unprotected sex, their interest would not be any greater then if they were not in sex ed classes. Sex, sexuality, and relationships are everywhere–tv, malls, schools, etc. The idea that people would voluntarily decide to have their children be ignorant of the dangers that sex can lead to without the proper precautions and education is disturbing. Sex ed classes provide neccesary info.


birth control of any kind is flawed. it can mechanically fail , or fail due to human error.

condoms slow STDs, but they dont fully stop any of them all the time.

to think any different is just fantasy. abstience has only failed once in all of history. why not teach the better method.

Abstinence may not fail, but abstinence-only education has failed spectacularly.

I wonder how the earlier generations got on with out sex education? Especially how some sections of our community seem to think that it’s absolutely essential, cause with out everyone will die of aids or something. One question though. How come teen pregnancy, std’s have been on the increase since the saturation of sex ed classes?

Wow that whole article was just laughable. I mean I would love to see their sources. No sex education in centuries past? I mean if they are JUST refering to sex education in schools in may have a point. But I seriously doubt that parents just recently in the last century started discussing sex with their children. Also knowing about sex and what not does not kill the spontaneity and joy. I mean that about the most stupid thing I have ever read. Seriously when I had sex for the first time I wasn;t like oh me oh my knowing anything about sex is totally ruining the joy of this experience for me! Seriously though having a clue what was going on and what not really helped me and I am sure helps a lot of other men and women too. Also btw I have only had sex with my husband so much for being taught about sex turning me into some sex fiend huh? And yeah I am sure I could go on…but enough said that article is stupid.

Oh ok I have one more thing to add, since the artticle mentioned centuries past. In centuries past it was also quite common for women to marry in their teens like 14-15 years old. Now adays in developed countries that is almost unheard of.

Exactly and people still act like it;s the cure all. People it;s a huge failure.

As far as I am concerned, much of that is ridiculous.

so should we just throw out the most effective protector of kids or try to find a way to teach it so it sticks. for starters desexualizing the media which we could do. look at the cancelation of the swingers show. abstience education isnt the overnight fix a pill can be, but it could change our society for the better.

Maybe this stuff should be left up to the parents?

And seriously, “safe sex” is a joke.

First of all, how can anybody be in denial over the absolute failure that is abstinence-only education? It’s not a matter of teaching it the correct way, it simply does not work.

Want to curb teenage pregnancy? The solution is not to keep them uneducated about sex.

It’s part of the human experience for hormones to rage during adolescence. With sex education, it’s self evident that not having intercourse prevents pregnancy.

However, as much as you may not like this fact, that is not enough to stop all of them. Got it? It’s going to happen no matter what. So why not arm them with the knowledge to at least keep themselves safe and highly reduce the chance of unwanted pregnancy via birth control?

That’s such a homogeneous way of thinking.

You aren’t going to desexualize the media because the media does not exist solely with you in mind. This is a free society, not all of us think of sex as dirty and bad.

You do realize that you just opened yourself up to the whole, “We don’t think sex is dirty and bad. In fact, we think sex is extremely sacred and beautiful which is why we think it should only occur in marriage” rant, right?


Note: I don’t think I really disagree with your points. Except perhaps the portion of this statement that says Catholics think sex is dirty. Being well read up on the Catholic view of sex, I know this is not true.

You’re absolutely entitled to your belief that one should wait until the solid foundation of marriage to take part in sex. Although I ultimately disagree with it, I can appreciate where you’re coming from.

But that’s the thing; waiting until marriage is what works for you.

Look at it this way: if you raise your children to share your opinion on when sex is appropriate then being educated as to how birth control works and the facts vs. myths about STD’s is not going to harm them.

I personally don’t believe sex has to wait until marriage. Being the product of responsible parenting combined with having knowledge regarding birth control, I first had sex when I was 17 and it turned out to be the right choice for me.

The simple truth is that abstinence only education is simply putting blinders on teenagers. As I said, by definition sex education would teach teens that not having sex eliminates all chance of STD’s and pregnancy.

You missed the part where I said I DIDN’T disagree with your points.

No I didn’t, I was simply giving my reasoning as to why I don’t think the ‘we don’t think sex is dirty, we just…’ angle is really a rebuttal at all.

We think that sex within a legitimate marriage isn’t dirty, if that’s what you’re getting at. :shrug:

Haha, no, let me make myself a little more clear:

My point is that the belief that sex is something that should wait remains a personal opinion and choice. It’s not for everyone, and I think it obvious that the better choice is for teens to be educated rather than kept ignorant about the facts and simply told to wait.

  1. The more sex education, the more sexual activity. It is quite conclusive now, that the more sex education, the more sexual activity and all the problems that go with that. The introduction of sex education is well correlated with the increase in abortion, STDs and boy-girl interpersonal problems. Good education gives people the desire to try it out or learn more experientially. Paradoxically, in that respect, current forms of sex education are good education but have the wrong results.

Exactly. The goofy idea that we should “teach” kids to use condoms and the like is crazy. It simply reinforces bad choices and gives a false sense of security.

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