Prominent stem-cell researcher leaves UK university over opposition to embryonic stem-cell 'obsession'

'You would barely know adult stem cells exist’
23 October 2008

By Zoë Corbyn

Newcastle specialist quits UK for France, citing undue focus on embryo research, writes Zoe Corbyn

A renowned British stem-cell expert is to leave the UK to pursue his research in France, claiming that there is insufficient support for his work here.

Colin McGuckin, professor of regenerative medicine at Newcastle University and an expert in adult stem cells, this week hit out at both his university and UK funding agencies. He said that they were prioritising embryonic stem-cell research above work with adult stem cells, despite the more immediate clinical benefits offered by his work.

Why is there such a big emphasis on embroynic stem cell research. I have yet to see any breakthroughs in this type of research, though everyone says this is the way to go. There have been numerous break throughs in adult stem cell work, but this jsut does get the play as the embroynic stem cell does

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