Prominent Syrian opposition leader urges rebel cooperation with Israel


Syrian rebels should make peace with Israel in return for support in overthrowing the current Syrian government, a prominent Syrian rebel said.
Kamal al-Labwani spoke with Israeli reporters on Tuesday in Jerusalem. He visited Israel for more than a week while taking part in the annual International Conference on Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya.

                                  Unbelievable. I hope everyone in the entire Arab world get's to read this article.


What fools. It’s evil to make friends with Israel only in hope that they help them kill. Purely evil people with purely evil intentions all the time. Makes me sick.


What a joke. The FSA has been funded and aided by Israel for awhile now.


Have you ever wondered how these conversations begin regarding funding and aiding…? Clearly the FSA didnt call israel and ask them for a favor… Surely it was Israel who initiated it - but why…?

I think Israel is trying to build relationships in the greedy Arab world. They’re simply trying to protect themselves, and i dont think that’s bad. But it is bad that the FSA will only “cooperate” (whatever that means), with Israel in return for helping them kill other Arabs. The problem is not Israel. Israel is just playing off of the acts of the barbarians, whose actions are rarely righteous.

…Im glad God allowed Issac to be born.


The middle east needs way more Issac and way less Ishmael, if you know what i mean. :wink:


I also think Israel should take over all of palestine and adopt the Palestinians.


I didn’t think the Syrian government had been overthrown yet.
Assad is still there right?


That’s what I was thinking.


Israel won’t be in a rush to embrace them I don’t think.

Do these syrian rebels support ISIS or will they fight ISIS after they defeat Asaad?


Report: ISIS uses Chlorine Gas in Iraq, kills 300 Iraqi Soldiers:


Dear God…:frowning: :crossrc:


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