Prominent Washington DC rabbi (Barry Freundel) charged with voyeurism


Rabbi Barry Freundel, 62, was arrested by police earlier this week at his home in the US capital’s upscale Georgetown neighborhood, a few blocks from his modern Orthodox synagogue, Kesher Israel Congregation . . .

According to a police report, the alleged victim, a 35-year-old woman, told police she saw Freundel plugging in a black alarm clock that contained a video recording device while she was preparing to take a mikveh at the synagogue . . .

Police listed items seized from the rabbi’s home as six external hard drives, seven laptop computers, five desktop computers, three regular cameras, 20 memory cards and 10 flash drives. Police have said the camera in the bath and another found in the home were part of clock-radios in which the hidden device was linked to a motion detector.,7340,L-4581320,00.html

Rabbis who have embezzled public money, have committed crimes, or have sexually abused children are not reported about on the 6:30PM National Evening News. :shrug:


The story just broke, give the media time to plaster his face and accusations against him everywhere.

How will that make you feel?

There are, as of my posting time, 69 News stories about this.


I’m talking about National TV (Network or Cable Network) coverage about this news story.

The National TV Networks were sure interested in the alleged adulterous affair of New York City St. Patrick’s Cathedral Rector Eugene Clark back in 2007 and NBC Nightly News broadcasted a segment about it.


Speaking as a journalist, I can advise that it is the scope of the story–among other factors-- that dictates the amount of publicity it gets:

When a 79-year-old Catholic Monsignor who is a prominent figure in Roman Catholic circles for half a century, was personally selected by Cardinal Egan as Rector at the very famous St. Pat’s Cathedral–the seat of the archdioces–who has made a vow of chastity, has worked with the Vatican, and has publicly spoken in homilies about the immorality of American popular culture…when someone like him is allegedly caught having an affair with the married church secretary 33 years his senior…it’s considered a “bigger” news story than this one would be, by several factors.
In essence, he and his work were more famous than this Rabbi. And it helped that the secretary’s husband sent video tapes to news media.

It’s got nothing to do with one being Christian and another being Jewish, if that is what you are implying.

I don’t think the Monsignor’s alleged affair was ever proven, by the way.
Let’s hope this Rabbi is not guilty as well.



It they let Rabbis marry things like this wouldn’t happen…:wink:


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