Promised prosperity never arrived in Russian-held Crimea, locals say


Promised prosperity never arrived in Russian-held Crimea, locals say


Poor people. :frowning:


A lot of western Ukrainians in the past regularly went to the Crimea and now I think to go there quite uncomfortable.
The tourists also complain about intolerable queues and sometimes intolerant treatment with Ukrainians at customs.
Payment of certain professions there is higher than in Ukraine, but probably hit by inflation and currency in general, life has become not easy.
Many Crimeans rented accommodation for tourists in summer and on winter they could survive on these funds, but unsuccessful seasons in recent years have made their existence even more difficult.
Ukraine will not put up with the annexation of the Crimea, and will not agree with this fact in the future.


Promised prosperity never arrived in Yankee-held Appalchia, locals say…


But there has to be a question to ask, whose fault is it?
Sometimes people sitting idly and blaming all for their troubles.
Usually difficulties force us to action.
When you travel to the Carpathian region, from the bus windows you can see two or even three - storey villas with beautiful well-kept orchards and gardens.
When you are closer to the Hungarian border, you will notice small one-storied houses that are very different from those in eastern Ukraine.
Foolishly the Imperial conquerors tried and failed to instil a sense of inferiority in the West Ukrainian peasants. (It seems not so long ago, Vladimir Putin described the Western-Ukrainians as ‘second-rate people’)
The West Ukrainian peasant from the Carpathian region, in the absence of industry, with mass unemployment (in the post-Soviet period) has proven that he’s a “his own real boss” or “Gazda” as they say in Western Ukraine.
The culture of poverty is alien to the Western Ukrainian peasant.
He is a stranger to the world of drunken men who sit on the broken furnace and happily chews the semichki, whilst gazing at the yard full of weeds through the window.
Therefore it is not surprising that this Western Ukrainian peasant household-landowner, with his European hard-working nature, will always look inferior to the Imperial dreamers.
But beautiful homes and villas, manicured gardens and orchards prove quite the opposite.
Here is a video of one of the villages in the border region of Transcarpathia
“The Villages in Western Ukraine.”
I was in some of these villages, it is the resort areas of salt lakes, and you know that the most shocking?
most residents of Solotvyno and neighboring villages have earned their money in Siberia.
they are the hard-working people.
Come and see how people live in the villages of Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk region, the Crimea, and all will be clear for you.
I think that there is a huge difference between the mentality of the Ukrainians and the Russians and even village proofs this.
Look for example at the German villages in Siberia and Kazachstan.
What I mean is - Appalchia can only blame themselves for all their troubles.


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