Promises and OCD

I have been a sufferer of OCD for a long time. Without realizing that I had OCD I have made promises to God, asking that if he were to protect me from my certain irrational fears that I was worried about I would promise him certain things. Am I bound by these promises? I had prayed in desperation even though I am not extremely religious. The things that I promised he that I would not do anymore were mostly sins, but if I were to commit the sins I don’t want it to count as me lying to Gods and committing the sin. I have also prayed to God hoping he would relieve me from my promises. So again, am I bound by these promises? I also only learned that I shouldn’t make promises to God today, I wasn’t aware when I made these promises.

Thank you all in advance.

God collects on promises.

Edit: Oh yeah, and after God collects, ah, you will *not *be able to go against it. You will have no means, and no ability, to break the promise. You’ll be bound up, tighter than a straight jacket.

I also have OCD, and at one point in my life I made all kinds of promises to God. I finally had to admit to myself that I was never going to keep myself to those promises. It’s like making New Year’s resolutions that you know you can’t keep. But God is faithful even when we aren’t. So, next time you’re praying, just stop and think about what you are truly capable of doing in regards to making the promises. Perhaps asking his help in overcoming the things that are holding you back. Not to say that you’ll get over all of this in a sudden way, but you can at least be more aware of the problems and, with God’s help, keep to those promises that you can keep.

I don’t think this is the best place to get advice on questions like that. I don’t think a lot of people on here understand OCD or scrupulosity.

If you have OCD and have these kinds of questions, you really need to talk to a priest.

Yes, a priest can guide you and release you from your promises. Medical care and medication can help, too.



Agree, please talk to a priest and remember the most important thing of all God is Love. When you ask to talk to your priest for spiritual guidance, you could also say that you may also need to confess at the same time. That way the priest will help you discern if you need that Sacrament, and if so, he will help you make a good confession.

God, is our loving Father who understands us better than we understand ourselves and He never tires of forgiving us when we make mistakes.

In the meanwhile, I have prayed that God will bless and strengthen you as you journey in faith.

May God bless you abundantly.

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