Promises or vows?


If I privately promise to live a according to Evangelical Counsels (chastity, poverty and obedience) these are private promises or private vows?




Can you give the context in which the promise/vow was made?


It’s within the process of discernment and spiritual direction…


By context I meant as in were there any mitigating factors that may have rendered the promise/vow invalid. Such lack of full knowledge regarding the implications of the promise. If not it is probably best to consult a priest as they have the authority to dispense or change the terms of the promise to something else.


I haven’t made them yet, I do hope to make them during this time of Advent (hopefully on Dec 8).
I’m just trying to understand the difference for them in English as in my native language the meaning is quite similar for both of them…


All right, sorry. I misunderstood the question. A vow is an obligation to God, whereas a promise is an obligation to human beings. So it looks like this would be a private vow. Hope this helps.


Ok, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Dear Friend,
Specialists of VOWS are found in religious congregations, Brothers and Sisters make the three vows you are longing for. I suggest that you inquire among them close to your reach and if you discover that joining them in searching the WAY Jesus and Mary devoted their pure love of God for humanity is what you desire the most for your complete life, you decide. Usually, vows are dismissed by ROME or the CHURCH. That is the reason pretenders to these vows join others who consecrate themselves. Promises can reach in your heart the deepness of vows without having to recourse to the supreme authority for dismissal whenever the accomplishment becomes impossible for you. :thumbsup:


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