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Okay, so I just went to Confession yesterday and my pastor gave me dispensation for some conditional promises/oaths I made years ago. I told God I would not make any more promises like that, and He knew I meant it. Then today I was talking to God, and I said, “I WILL do your Will.” And several seconds after I said it, I realized what I had said and then I changed it to say, “Lord, I will TRY to do your will.” I would think that God would not hold me accountable for making a promise when I didn’t realize I was making a promise at the time I said it. Did I just get myself into another promise/vow that I have to get dispensation for? I realize I can TRY to know God’s will and TRY to do my best with His help to follow it. But I am held accountable for the sudden utterance of "I WILL do your will.?

God knows what you meant…Don’t worry about it.


When I said, “I WILL do your Will” what I meant was that I WOULD be obedient to God because I want to please Him. But AFTER I said it, I realized we can’t make that kind of a promise because we are all sinners and imperfect and we will mess up. We can only TRY to do the Will of God. So I asked Him to forgive me for being so “arrogant” as to think I can do His will always. I really didn’t think I was making a promise because I didn’t use the words 'I promise". Do you still think everything is okay? I went ahead and went to Communion today hoping that God has forgiven me and knew I didn’t intend for what I said to be a vow or promise like I had made in the past.

Yes everything is OK…God knows what you meant…
I do this sort of thing all the time…
I say that my tongue gets over my eye teeth and I can’t see what I’m saying…:smiley:
But really all it means is I get to talking and things don’t always come out exactly as I would want them to.

All that your thought process shows is that you are more aware of your words - a good thing. So - thank God for His gift of grace that allows you to catch yourself and make correction.


It would seem you were using a kind of “prayer genre” a devotional way of speaking…do not look upon such a vow …or promise…but rather your desire and intent…

(PS a vow has to be deliberate.…)

God knows before you say it what you mean. Be at Peace

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