Promises to God


In the past, I made a promise to God that if He helped me acquire and play the accordion, I would tell people that he did so, and that they should follow God.

However, when I made this promise, I did not know it was a bad idea to make promises to God, and I did not know much about the faith. I feel God has helped me by helping me acquire an accordion much sooner then I expected, and I also feel that He has helped me play it. However, I am afraid I will not be able to fulfill my side of the promise, as I don’t know how I would do so. What should I do? :frowning:


Nothing - you just kept your side of the bargain. But, as you have stated, it is not a good idea to continue this particular practice.


However, the promise I made went like this (I have it written down on a piece of paper).
“Remember to praise God when playing music in public. Tell them God helped me get an accordion and become a great musician.” :o

One reason I am worried is that I am afraid that this bars me from busking, and sharing videos on YouTube.


Just thank God at the end of each performance. And when on YouTube just say something in the comments.


My friend, you ask for the grace from God to fulfill your promise. Please pray.If you feel so weak and unable to do it, it would be good to ask help from a spiritual director regarding this one. It is of course not a good practice…but always remember to go back to GOD despite your sins. He will always accept you if you repent. If you cant do it, may be you are not spiritually ready yet, so dont be too hard on yourself :smiley:

I myself once asked God for a very big grace, (The grace to share in His insults and to be humbled). He gave it to me the next day. and mind you I reacted negatively… Then I understood it was too big for me to handle. I was not ready for it. I thank God for showing me my weakness though…although it discouraged me a bit, it also inspired me to advance in the spiritual life.:smiley:


She DID, didn’t she! She told ALL of CAF!!! :thumbsup:

God loves you. You were honest in your need/want and He helped you. Now tell the world. It’s a wonderful testament…


Wow! :slight_smile:


I could be wrong, but I believe I am a he.:o

I was wondering, would making the Sign of the Cross in the beginning and end of a YouTube video count, along with some words thanking the LORD in the description?

As a matter of fact, I feel this promise I made to God has helped draw me closer to Him.


Sorry HE, I should have researched more! I think the sign of the Cross and thanking the Lord in description would be fine. Fine with God, I think… I read in the Little Flower’s books that God will not be outdone in generosity. What that means to me is that when I’m generous (doing things I really Don’t want to do–out of love for God–)HE pays me back BIG TIME with surprise gifts. So many times this has proved true… I bet HE will for you, too!


Is making a promise to God an actual sin? Or, just not good to do?

I have made a promise before in the past , kind of got it from a movie. I don’t generally ever make promises to God, but I might have before and to a saint I did also I think (for a particular desire). I didn’t know either that it was wrong, but I wondered about if it was.


Today I posted this video on YouTube. Did I fufill the promise I made to the LORD? Should I continue thanking Him in each video I make? (I will probably continue thanking Him anyway.)


I commend you for this great act of courage! You will grow more courageous if you practice this little acts of boldness every day for Him. Jesus is with you my friend:D


Never stop giving Him thanks FOR EVERYTHING, even trials… :thumbsup:


I have a question. Did I commit blasphemy by making the SOTC before playing and after playing? I am afraid I have sinned.

Also, my mother is saying that God wouldn’t like that I thanked Him, and made the SOTC.


Just keep your word–it won’t kill you to tell others that God helped you. If you deny God in this life, He will deny you in the next. God bless you.


You can speak to a Pastor about this. From what I know a Pastor can release you from a promise you made to God if there is a just reason.


Yesterday, I was playing the accordion for my family, but I forgot to tell two people how God helped me get, and play the accordion. However, I told them in the past. Do you think I broke the promise?


If you told them in the past, I think it’d be fine, but talk to your pastor. And on the issue in general, I’d definitely suggest talking to your pastor about releasing people from promises as was suggested earlier; my pastor has told me something similar to what was already said, though it wasn’t exactly the same. But see what your pastor says, because I don’t know for certain.

God bless!



Alright. I guess I will tell the priest about this when I am leaving Mass next Sunday.


Best of luck! :thumbsup:

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