I am having a dilemma and would like advice.

I had to make a promise that I did not want to make. I had to make it or else I could have ended up in a bad situation. Would it be a sin to break this promise? (it was to a person, not to God) Since I had not intention keeping the promise when I made it, and was basically forced to say “I promise – ---- ----”, then would it be a sin to break it?

Call them at tell them you rethought it and are uncomfortable with the ‘promise’. Then get out of it.

Unless you literally had a gun to your head you most certainly did NOT have to make a promise.

It would be very difficult to offer any meaningful opinion without knowing the particulars of the case.

The only advice I could offer is to discuss it with your spiritual director or priest (someone with whom you would be willing to discuss the facts of this event) and seek their guidance.

A promise made under duress is not valid. Do speak to your priest about it. Peace.

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