Promoting CATHOLIC Rock

Yes, that’s right, it’s Legos … but who else is promoting this great musician?!

I thought it was pretty clever. The music was rockin’. The lyrics clear and understandable. Catholic Contemporary Music is slowly and surely getting just as good as Christian CM. One day millions of Catholics will add this to their list of favorites up there with (for some Gregorian Chant).

if you want to learn football, you go to the masters of football and see what they do

if you want to learn music, you go to the masters of music and see what they do

if you want to learn math, you go to the masters of math, and see what they do

if you want to learn how to be spiritual, you go to the masters of spirituality, people devoted to prayer: monks and nuns. You will NEVER hear them listening to rock. I wonder why?

I do not promote “Christian/Catholic Rock” because it is an oxymoron and takes away from the spiritual life. You want to find God, seek him in the “cool of the day” as it says in Genesis, or in the silence and darkness of your room. Or if you are blessed with the ability to go a chapel with the Eucharist, in Adoration. But you won’t find God in rock.

Where exactly did you get that incredible generalization? I know I’ve heard Catholic nuns singing “Let It Be” by The Beatles before. How would they know how to sing it if they never listen to rock?

I fail to see how a genre of music = not spiritual. no i dont want to listen to rock music in mass, but i don’t really want to hear sinatra either.

jesus said to take the log out of your own eye before you take the speck out of anothers… :shrug:

come to think of it, I’m not a big fan of the mass settings of many of the “great” composers either.

there was a time though before gregorian chant existed. :eek:


I don’t think that’s what Saint Paul meant when he said:

Phil 2:10
That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth

To quote Hank Hill:

Can’t you see you’re not making Christianity better, you’re just making rock n’ roll worse.

I don’t think music with Catholic themes is meant to be any sort of “improvement” of the Faith. It merely provides an outlet for people who enjoy pop/rock music yet don’t want the often garbage lyrics and message that comes along with it in the secular world.

btw, I despise contemporary Christian music. If I want wholesome, I listen to Cat Stevens. :smiley:

Other’s preferences though are none of my business. The “Christian/Catholic Rock Witch Hunt” reminds me of when I was a Baptist…:rolleyes:

And that isn’t praying, nor it is doing anything for your soul.

Consider Fr. Basil Nortz words on this matter.

I also suggest getting the talks for yourself:

Right, its not as clear cut as it appears.

You completely took that verse out of context btw.


So you’re saying that from sun up to sun down you need to spend it listening only to hymns and reading only Sacred Scripture and/or writings of the Saints? Any conversations must deal directly with spiritual matters? Sounds a bit fundamentalist.

We oughtta take the logs out of our own eyes before we take the specks out of others.

People tend to get a bit dramatic over this topic. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it.

What would you say about listening to Tchaikovsky? He was homosexual. That goes against Catholic morals. Mozart? He was a freemason. That goes against Catholic morals. Haydn? Mozart influenced him into leaving the Church and becoming a freemason. That goes against Catholic morals. But I like them all. Should I stop listening to all these composers?

No, you take it to the other extreme. Its not me saying it, its a priest that got plenty of data to back it up. Why do you think we saw a degradation of morals in the 20th century while the popularity of rock/jazz/rap increased?

again, this passage refers to sin, please stop using it out of context.

If you do buy those talks to Fr. Basil Nortz, “Music and Morality” you might be tempted to say, “Well, wait a minute, Swan Lake, was an amazing song?”. True, but Tchaikovsky was commissioned to play it, he did not compose it. His songs were dark that reflected his own interior battle.

I’m saying that everyone is so quick to judge other people’s musical preferences and experimentation yet don’t look at their own attitudes. That’s not taking a verse out of context.

Everyone has their moods. Sometimes I’m in the mood for "Missa de Angelis. Other times it’s George Winston. Once in a GREAT while I’ll listen to Third Day. But you know, I still can’t but help internally rockin out when Zeppelin or the Doors or Petty come on the radio. :smiley:

I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

In all honesty, Chaldean Rite, I take the belief that the problems that began in the 20th century had to do with the Church no longer praying to St Michael after Mass beginning in the 1960’s. I also believe 100% in Pope Leo XIII’s vision of the devil requesting more influence over more souls in the 20th century.

I’d say the moral degradation is reflected in the subjects and lyrics of the music, not the music itself.

The lyrics are accidental to the music itself. Rock is music for the neck down. Good music is neck up; it moves the intellect, not channeling energy to the sexual organs. If you don’t believe me, go to a concert yourself. Why do you think they pass out condoms there?

I only ever hear about people complaining about rock, jazz, and rap. What about country music?

And about affecting the “intellect”. Your opinion seems to disagree with the claims of people who say that rock music affects your mind in the same way as drugs (which I have yet to see a study for either way).

Country is actually much better and ordered. You are not going to see a bunch of horny kids humping each other to country because it is not taken over by the rhythm.

Go listen to a country song and tell me it does not have strong rhythm. Or Shostakovich or Rimsky-Korsakov for that matter.

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