Promoting Contemporary Catholic Music

Hey all.

Contemporary Christian music is a driving force in our society today. Much of it is all “generic” and lacks that unique CATHOLIC flavor.

I have serveral Catholic music CD’s like the “best of” collections of Dan Schutte, David Haas, and John Michael Talbot.

I know that Talbot has many other recordings too, but I keep hearing about the “Back Stage Live” program on EWTN and seeing new folks on there. I know we must have a resource for Christian Contemporary music with the Catholic drive in it.

Thank you all so much for your responses. I am much indebted to you all.

The crux of my question, however, was not as much as where I might find Catholic music, but as to how to I encourage and promote the airing of Catholic shows (such as Catholic Answers)an Catholic music over the radio.

My focus is on the local radio market. Already they have 4 Christian stations and not one of them has anything remotely Catholic comming over their airwaves.

A friend of mine from Texas is starting to make some head way. He’s having a song published by one of the Catholic music publicatons. His name is Curtis Stephan. His CD is being sold at Family Christian Book stores.

Unfortunatly Catholic artists are not looked upon highly in the Protestant music world. So they are out there, they just don’t have the PR ability to get their songs on the Christian radios.

There is a definite need for this type of music! How about it Seven Sorrows? What can be done? You already have started. Is there some producer out there willing to take on some Catholic bands and make them “famous” enough so we would know about them?

Catholic radio is sprouting up in more places. Don’t you think they need a music hour? There is a show that features different performers but how about a music radio format hour?

Just putting out ideas, planting seeds.


Oh Jen, Jen…

I will try not to make this too long…but it is hard.

  • yes Catholic artists are looked down upon in the protestant world…and actually Catholics don’t do much better. Catholics support protestant music sooooooo much (yet protestants don’t return the love). Catholics support protestants cause their are no Catholic bands
  • No their is no producer willing to make a Catholic artist famous (well at least not a Catholic producer). This is because their are no big Catholic producers…why? cause their are no Catholic bands…so thus no need for Catholic producers. A secular person might do it…but they would have to KNOW that they would make a ton of money (which won’t happen, so they won’t do it). a protestant producer won’t do it…cause why would they produce a band of “members that are preaching heresy and going to hell?”
  • Their are famous artists that are Catholic…like Rachel Lampa…but they are not Catholic artists…just artists that happen to be Catholic (and sing generic christian songs).
  • Check out most “catholic” bands…they don’t even mention “catholic” on their website…sad
  • we have only been around 1 1/2 years…we have had a huge response…nothing bad…we give free cds to anyone, play a few shows a month (more than 99% of Catholic bands)…but have only given away 2000 cds…so this seems to show that most Catholic artists must sell very very little cds, since ours are free and theirs are $15. In just this short time I would venture to say we are as popular on the internet (basically a Catholic bands only chance) and as other Catholic artist, and this is just by self promotion, so this says alot about the Catholic record labels that are suppossed to be supporting these other bands…cause have you heard of ryan meyers, trevor thompson, aaron thompson, brianna…all signed by Catholic record labels.
  • Catholic radio has no music…cause their are no Catholic bands…and the ones that are around are pretty awful…or just bad recordings…so it is better to just not play them (I am not saying that we are good either).
  • we get rejected all the time by places cause they just “have no place for us”…like we can’t get played on EWTN jukebox cause they don’t play music that “hard”…but they like us…we can’t get up on sites like “catholic music network” cause we won’t sell our cd.

It pretty much comes down to a catch 22. Their are no catholic bands cause no one supports catholic bands, their are no radio stations, record companies, tv stations or anything to support them. So people don’t even try.

Lastly…bands like us can’t get “alot” (we still get some) of huge conference shows…cause they use the same bands every year (cause they feel they have none to choose from) or Lifeteen is having its huge 20th anniversary party at disneyland’s california adventure…and their big band is a protestant band…go figure.

Seven Sorrows… :smiley:

I totally agree with you!!!

Yes, we Catholics support protestant music. Shame on us. Some songs I have to just turn off because it goes against my beliefs.

Catholic bands, do they write about true Catholic things or do they keep it generic? Protestants can get away with it.

You have seen a “little” success. Keep in mind that Christian music is not a big money venue like pop music. So I would think that your success in pretty big considering that you are not on the radio.

All those Catholic radio’s could promote the local bands. There are Catholic bands out there. I have to believe that! And once people see that they can music and make a difference they will join the band wagon. then the protestant world will have to contended with us. PR, PR, PR is so important.

Musicians aren’t out to make money at what they do. They do it because they want to get their message out. If money comes with it then it’s an added bonus.

Fighting for a Catholic band to play at Life teen is something to fight for. The people who run that must be made to understand that.

Maybe we should email them.


Listen to this and pass it on! This is Catholic music! This work was composed by my friend and I. Please help support us and the music we create for our Lord Jesus Christ and His children! Please give us your feedback and if you have a youtube account please subscribe! The link is down below. Thank you for your support and God will surely bless you.

I play guitar with one of the music ministries at my parish and I like playing Curtis Stephan songs during Mass!

What about Matt Maher? I think he is pretty big time in the CCM world, right? He writes really cool CCM kind of songs but he also definitely does not hide being Catholic. We often do his Kyrie and Lamb of God during mass. And he wrote a really cool Litany of Saints that we have played before. I don’t know how “Catholic” his really popular songs are but if a guy is writing Mass parts he is not shying away from Catholicism.

I guess maybe perhaps there are contemporary Catholic musicians on here?

Please check out this site. There are some truly wonderful bands to seek out for inspiration:

For example these guys, who aren’t specifically Catholic, but who are Christian:

A great band could be a tremendous evangelizing force.


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