promoting various cultures of the true catholic church

My name is Peter and I’m on the leadership team for my youth group at Church in Africa and may I just say all of you are inspiring!!! I loved reading everything!

I can’t wait to talk to any/all of you and would love promote intercontinental interaction between Youths of the catholic Church. Sharing and promoting various cultures of the true catholic church. Promoting visitations between youths of the catholic faith in order to surface the oneness of the true catholic faith throughout the universe.

We all need to do this. Our youths are going crazy, they can be helped when they are engaged with a lot of beautiful church activities.

Peter. :thumbsup:


In our area of the US, we have many good holy Priests from Africa. I know that men from Africa are serving in many US Dioceses. Perhaps working with at the Diocesean level to arrange visits? Trips to conferences? Are you familiar with Lifeteen?

Another easy way is via the internet.

For learning about various cultures, study of the lives of the Saints could open the door.

Praying for your youth, please pray for ours!

Thanks Friend!

I got your reply to my post Thanks. Am not surprised to hear that many of our African Priests are working there in the US and are very committed,May God continue to sustain us all in faith.

You talked about working with at the Diocesean level to arrange visits? Trips to conferences? That is really a nice idea, very nice of you. As access to the internet is not all that very easy in this part of Africa.

However, I suppose you are a youth? But if not you have a soft spot for youth and their programes. Would you please send me more details about the above you mentioned.

We can work together, in the interest of the Catholic youth and faith. We will always pray for each other, for its the symbol of unity.

Yours in Catholic Faith

Just a mom with a heart for youth here :slight_smile:

Here are two national Catholic Youth ministries in the US:

National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, Inc.
415 Michigan Avenue, NE
Suite 40
Washington, DC 20017-4503
Tel: 202-636-3825
Fax: 202-526-7544

The second is LifeTeen:

2222 S. Dobson Rd.
Suite 601
Mesa, AZ 85202
P: 480.820.7001
F: 480-820-8653

Thanks Mom!

This is Peter from Africa on promoting intercontinental interaction between Youths of the catholic Church. Its good to be back on Forum after a very long time. I was involved in a ghastly Auto accident but was saved by Him (Christ).

Sure the three kids are good and are dwelling in abundance of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I shall be happy, to continue with this project, maybe that would be one of the reasons why God saved my life from the Auto accident.

I will like the kids to participate in this program, cuz they might discover other new things that will add value to their lives through Christ in meeting and interacting with people outside their culture and colour.

Knowing that the happiness is our concern and their joy our consolation.

Thanks for the concern that you have shown me so far. Always stay by me Mom, am very grateful.

Remain blessed

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