Pronounce "piissima" for me

on the topic of latin pronunciation of double vowels…

this is in the context of:

o sanctissima
o piissima
dulcis virgo maria


i’ve been saying “pee - EE - see - mah” with a glottal stop between the two "ee"s. i figure it oughta rhyme with sanctissima?

correct. this is how our schola sings it.

yay! thank you!

It’s not so much a glottal stop as it is an extension of the vowel sound.
There is no stop in sound, but just a slight emphasis on the second i.

Deacon Ed B

In the movie “The Bells of St. Mary’s” Father O’Malley (Bing, of course) sings O Sanctissima. Let me noodle around and find you a link. He does a fine job.


Precisamente !

(And oh how I love doing the alto of that song !)

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