Pronunciation of "oblate"


Is it with a long “o” or with a short “o”?:confused:


Short “o” (first syllable rhymes with “Bob”).


Hmmm, who’d’a thunk I’ve been pronouncing both ‘oblate’ and ‘oblation’ wrong all this time. :o


Short o with long a…insofar as I know.

ie… Ob (as in Bob) late (as in late)


I would highly recommend getting 1-Click Answers. It’s free and simple to use. You alt-click on a word (or double click when using a web browser) and a screen pops up with a definition along with an audio pronunciation (if you click on the speaker icon).

This program has come in very handy for me over the years. Especially when reading an online book like The Worm Ouroboros.

Btw, i think there is an option to install a browser toolbar during the installation process. If so, you might want to uncheck that option. Also perhaps the AnswerBar if that is optional. (I prefer to use only the 1-Click part of the program, but you may like to have more options).

[to LilyM] As for “oblation”, it is actually pronounced differently than “oblate”. As in, “uh-BLAY-shun” instead of “ob-LAY-shun”. So you may have been pronouncing it correctly all along.


Thanks so much for all your help.:slight_smile:


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