Proof Jesus is/was not a myth


Can anyone please provide some information defending the truth that Jesus Christ really lived and breathed. I am tired of the Jesus Myth.
Time we really start defending ourselves.



I would reccomend reading the book A Case for Christ. Im not sure who the Author is but could find out and post it later on today.

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Wow, who tries to claim Christ is just a myth? Even many athiests today aknowledge His exsistence but believe that He was only a very kind, and smart man.

An incrediable book is “The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict” by author JOSH McDOWELL. It deals with NUMEROUS historian evidence for the exsistence of Jesus Christ PLUS archeology, prophecy etc. I greatly suggest you pick it up at a book store. If they don’t have it you could always order it or even online find it. It’s worth it!


[quote=Andrew_11]I would reccomend reading the book A Case for Christ. Im not sure who the Author is but could find out and post it later on today.

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Lee Strobel is the author.


[quote=jimmy]Lee Strobel is the author.

Thank you Jimmy.


There is no real proof, no absolute proof that will convert people, only give you a longer conversation or debate…Unless you are debating with the ignorant.

What most people do not understand, and perhaps it is hard to understand, is both sides of the theist and atheist belief end up going back to one main thing: Faith Vs Logic.

Each argument by theists will require faith after hours of arguments, and after hours of arguments each argument by atheists will require logic over faith.

Which do you chose?


one thing that amazes me since in the course of working toward my masters in history I engaged in my own research, learned techniques of historical research and how to evaluate primary and secondary sources, and to evaluate the research of others is this:

in any other historical study eye witness accounts are given top weight, particularly multiple accounts from different sources about the same events. it is only in evaluating or accepting the New Testament that eye witness accounts are negated or viewed with suspicion. There is more evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ than for any other historical figure of the ancient world, baring a ruler or government figure.


I would guess that atheists base their “logical” arguments at some point on assumptions. Believing an assumption= faith. The world is built on faith. We have faith that gravity will work, but no absolute proof that it will. All scientific theories are theories precisely because they might fail at any moment. Some day something could come along that disproves the theory. Some day for some unknown reason and apple might not fall to the earth when it is dislodged from the tree. The end result of the Philosophy II course here at my college is that we all live lives based on some sort of faith.


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