Proof of Christianity Besides the Miracles


Besides all the miracles of Jesus (including his rising from the grave), are there other proofs I can use to convince people Christianity is the truth? People sometimes wonder what the other proofs are? Are there any other miracles? Also, please don’t find some from the Old Testament, otherwise they will claim that Judaism is true and Christianity isn’t. I need evidence for Christianity not Judaism!

Thanks for your time


If they are demanding you “prove” Christianity in the same way you can prove Pythagoras’ theorem, the answer is it can’t be done in this life. No single piece of evidence is a watertight proof in itself. But there is such an overwhelming weight of supporting evidence that considering it all, one would have to be perversely obtuse to continue to deny the truth of Christianity.

One example: The Church has survived intact continuously for nearly 2000 years and today has grown bigger and stronger than ever, despite the shocking corruption and laxity of many of its leaders and the best attempts of scores of powerful dictators to stamp it out of existence. No purely human institution has survived for more than a few centuries at most.


The only proof is Christ Himself.

Everything can be “explained away”, including Him - but He seems to be very hard to ignore; people tend at least to have an opinion about Him.

As for convincing people - only God can do that. Only God can (so to speak) “bridge the gap” between an argument offered, & the person who accepts it; who accepts it not only as valid in its form, but as convincing to his or her heart. No amount of brilliance in reasoning will be of the slightest use to someone else, unless that person is open to receiving the arguments into his or her own mind. Argument is too limited to be entirely adequate to human nature, because it addresses only some of our nature - our intellect; & man is far more than his intellect, important as that is. To complicate matters, our intellects, like the rest of what & who we are, is not in proper working order; that is what comes of original sin, & our own; we are all the worse for wear. (It’s as well to know what we are up against when we argue or try to persuade others.)

But people are not arguments, nor are they pure intellects, like the angels. They are persons (like the angels), made in the image of a Three-Personed God, and redeemed by a Person Who is God and also a man like them - like us (sin excepted, that is). So God has many ways of “getting to” us & others that we do not, ways that appeal to all that a man is or does intellectually or otherwise, & not to his intellect alone.


The best proof is to be the light of Christ yourself.


"I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God."

Dead men tell no tales.

We need to know our Saints. The men and women whos blood the Church was built on.

Catacombs of Rome


The Bones of ST. PETER

The 140 Saint Statues on the Colonnades

And in art in the catacombs

Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Passion of Christ (probably from the Catacomb of Domitilla),
mid-4th century A.D.

art in churches

St. Lawrence going to his Martyrdom;
lunette mosaic from the interior of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, **ca. 425-450 A.D. **

Explore this alittle bit


Here’s a couple

The first one is of a girl named Gemma who’s grandmother brought her to Padre Pio. He prayed for her and she received her sight. the only problem was she doesn’t have any pupils. There just aint no scientific explanation for that one.

The second one has pics of Saint Pio’s stigmata.

The Third are pictures of incorruptible saints. Some of them are many centuries old and have not decomposed.

None of this is conclusive proof, but it’s all pretty compelling evidence that miracles still happen in this day and age.


Well, when I was a doubter, I didn’t find miracles very convincing, since it seemed that miracles were claimed by non-Christian faiths as well.

What convinced me was the historical evidence and the witness of the Apostles and early martyrs.


thanks for the links. I’m totally captivated. Being a cradle catholic I’ve never really been drawn to the history of the Church. Now I can’t get enough.


They say that seeing is believing,
so the miracles (even those occuring nowadays at Lourdes, etc) are certainly a SIGN of the truth.

But really, pray for God to send the Holy Spirit
to CONVICT these people of the Truth of Christ.
There’s nothing quite so wonderful as an experience
of the Holy Ghost !!!



Beggin’ your pardon for working backwards through your post, but it’s really not necessary to have that kind of feeling for Judaism. Christ is the fulfillment of the Law. Anyways, if someone’s not going to believe the New Testament, the Old Testament is going to be quite a bit more of a stretch.
So, yeah, there are miracles. Lanciano, Lourdes, The Incorruptibles. Have you read Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ? good read.
However, here’s my pet plan:

  1. The Gospels of today are the same as the Gospels of the 1st century. We have over 24,000 books, scrolls and fragments thereof that will attest to this.
  2. The Gospels of today are historically accurate. They were written within living memory of Jesus, so ppl who were there could have come forth and corrected them.
  3. Jesus claimed to be God. He is therefore either Lord, liar, or lunatic. Liars and lunatics don’t perform miracles.
  4. Jesus is God.


Hi Amu,

I don’t think you can brush aside the Old Testament.

The OT is a story about Jesus. This is a remarkable miracle because Jesus was born after the OT. This is called prophecy, and it is one of my favourite subjects because I find it fascinating and convincing.

My other favourite miracle is Our Lady of Fatima and the famous “dancing of the sun” on Oct 13th, 1917.


Proving Christianity is not hard to do, we can prove there have been Christians.

Its trying to prove that there is a Trinitarian God, this is what you are asking.

If its atheists you are speaking with, you may want to be well read on their POV.


I know!! I am so thankful that those men and women laid down their lives for our faith!! They are people I am proud to call family!
They are a true example that we too can live our faith.

**Revelation 6
9When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. **


I’d like to ask a few things

1 - Could you provide me with a list of the miracles of Jesus, how many they were in number, and where each of these miracles is mentioned in the Bible

2 - Could you do the above with the Prophecies fulfilled as well

3 - What proofs are there in the OT?


Somehow I get the feeling that you want us to do the legwork for your school project. Re #1, you can easily go through the Gospels yourself and make a list. The Gospels also say that there were many other miracles He did which they didn’t mention, so nobody on Earth knows the exact total number. (Also there are some cases where it’s not certain if two of the four evangelists are reporting the same miracle or two similar separate events.)
Re#2, if you use a good annotated edition of the Gospels you will find many footnotes or references to the Old Testament, many of which refer to prophecies which Christ fulfilled. These pretty much answer #3.


That’s fine, the Gospels aren’t that long. Can you give a rough estimate then, of the number of known miracles and the number of prophecies?


Well now, I can help you a bit with that. On Good Friday alone, at least 27 prophecies were fulfilled. They’re contained mostly in the “Suffering Servant” part of Isaiah, and a Psalm whose number I can’t remember…


Hi Amu,

I once heard there were about 300 fulfilled prophecies.

Here are some of my favourites:

Below is a link to something similar to prohecy; Typology:

The following link contains some info regarding Jesus as the Passover Lamb:


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