Proof of the Resurrection outside of the Bible

Ok, so I was talking to a friend of mine debating if Jesus existed and he said it was undeniable the he did exist but, outside of the Bible there was no proof that Jesus was resurrected and came back. So my question where do we find the proof of the resurrection like we do the The Passion of Christ in Tacticus and Josephus?

I suppose the answer might be Paul. OK, OK. You say he is in the Bible. But, but…

if you think about Paul, you see a man whose mission was to destroy as many Christians as possible and to stamp out Christianity. And he did this for several years after Christ’s death and resurrection. He was not a believer; not one of the twelve; not among a wider group of desciples. He was the enemy, and a violent one at that.

This Paul, suddenly becacomes an ardent follower of this Christ he despised so much. His work after that; the sacrifices he made and his subsequent death come as a result of that conversion.

What man in his right mind would do that unless he acted on something more than an illusion?
Would you or anyone go to the lenghts Paul did on a whim?

He had heard the story of Jesus and His death. He killed the followers of Christ. He was a deeply faithful Jew. So what would it take for a man like that to make a 180 degree turn and go in the exactly opposite direction?

The Jewish state, the temple, all his friends were against this. He lost everythign as a result of his decision. And he essentially “moved out of suburbia”, if you will and lived in the street with the rejected and the persecuted.

Pauls’ witness is part of the New Testament. His decision to follow Christ goes against everything he believed untile then, and against his self interest. He did it after the events described in the Bible took place.

I hope this helps a little.

I recommend reading a book by Canadian Journalist, Michael Coren called Heresy:

The first chapter goes through detailed historical accounts (records excluding scripture that are relied on by historians for a great deal of our knowledge from that era) that prove Jesus existed with a great degree of historical certainty. He quotes records even from prominent Roman political leaders who actively persecuted Christians for their belief that Jesus was God, and even these leaders still admit that Jesus walked the earth as a man.

Basically, the argument as to whether Jesus existed at all shouldn’t be up for debate. The historical evidence is so great that if we are to deny that Jesus existed then we would also have call into question whether other men from that era (such as Julius Ceaser, Atilla the Hun, etc…) existed. The more important question to ask is whether Jesus is the Son of God. This will be tougher to prove to your friend using historical accounts, but (please God) through prayer and appealing to your friend’s God-given sense of right and wrong, you may be able to break through to him/her

Also, if your friend is willing to put one in his/her bedroom, try to get a green scapular blessed by a priest and give it to your friend. You can then say the daily prayer on his/her behalf: “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.” I am currently saying this prayer daily for three of my family members and I have been seeing small but noticeable changes in them that I know wouldn’t have been attainable through apologetics.

The green scapular:

God bless! :slight_smile:

No Orthodox or Catholics claim to have His bones.

Jesus Christ himself said “Destroy this temple and I will rebuild it in 3 days”. He also said it many other times in different ways. Faith in Jesus’ words is all we need.

There is another book that I feel compelled to recommend. First published in 1930, Frank Morison’s “Who moved the stone” is a skeptic’s analysis of the death and resurrection narratives. He analyzes all available texts like an investigator and draws his conclusions only from the evidence that is available.

Highly recommended and appropriate for this discussion.

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