Proofs for the Bible

I am looking for proofs of the bible being for then a history and moral guide any help there?

Could you rephrase the question, Seeker, or clarify it a little cause I don’t get what you’re asking.

What I am looking for is proof outside of the Bible that the Bible is what it and Christians claim it to be.


Do you mean a note from God or something?

I’m not sure how any extra-biblical source that isn’t religious in nature can substantiate the claims made about the Bible. By this I mean, for instance, Jewish commentaries in the Talmuds, for instance, will refer to Old Testament books as Scripture, but they come from the perspective of faith; so, also, the Church in encyclicals, Councils, Church Father documents, etc. will do the same from the same perspective.

Furthermore, it is important to bear in mind that the Bible is collection of texts, not a single text in itself.

If you mean how do we know it is historically reliable, Biblical archeology:

What was very convincing to me was how the bible proves itself. There’s roughly 300 written prophecies of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. And it shows his linage all the way from Abraham. Most of these Old Testament authors didn’t know each other, and yet they were prophecicing of this loving Savior who would eventually come to save us from our sins. It’s impossible to deny. He really came :slight_smile: When he went back to Heaven, he didn’t leave us, but he gave us a church that will always be here. I think the church is proof as well of the bible, because he said hell will never prevail over it, and it’s been here for 2000 years with Peter given the keys. Hope that helps with your journey :slight_smile:

=seeker5133;10488011]I am looking for proofs of the bible being for then a history and moral guide any help there?

Not sure who them are?

But the OT Comandments

The NT the expanded commandments [meaning and application to us now Under Grace]Mt. chapter Five are indispuitable evidence for both:thumbsup:

Hello Joshua, welcome to the forum. I think these links will help you understand the incredible historicity of the bible.
Praying for you to keep seeking my friend :slight_smile:
God bless

These are all Old Testament archeological finds that support the OT.

The Bible itself is a proof for itself (NT+OT) because the prophecies and promises of the Old are fulfilled in the New.

One can only properly view and understand the Bible through the eyes of faith. It’s like looking at a picture in multicolors versus one in black and white.

Faith is a gift from God, as Jesus said, no one can come to Christ unless the Father call him.

And, we “walk by faith, not by sight.”

I have been blessed so much in my life that I am pushed by facts and pulled by the word of God into faith.

I think it’s a bad strategy to stay on the fence, so to speak, saying give me something before I commit to faith. Like it or not, faith is the substance of things that exactly cannot be proved scientifically. That’s a big stumbling block.

In his book, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Pope John Paul II explained that people do not become involved in the Catholic faith, because they reject how God has revealed himself (viz., the Bible, sacred tradition, and the Church).

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