Prop 8 protestors vandalize church

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – Vandals spray-painted swastikas on a Catholic church in San Francisco’s Castro District Saturday night.

It appears the vandals are upset about the Catholic church’s support of Proposition 8, which made same-sex marriage illegal in California.
But, the Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church on Diamond Street is gay-friendly. Many parishioners voted against Prop 8 and they are upset their church was targeted.

“We’re very disturbed by the hierarchy’s support of the Yes on Eight Campaign. We’ve been in conversation with the bishop, which is the way I think we need to handle it. I think Catholic teaching shows us we’re all a community and we all need to talk to one another about it even if we have disagreements,” said Rob Hopckey.
San Francisco Police are investigating the vandalism.

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Here is the link to the article. A photo of the damage is attached to it.

This is indeed very sad. They claim that Our Church is intolerant, yet they commit a sacrilege. We must pray the Act of Reparation. Please pray for the Church in San Francisco. Pray that the faith and tradition are restored.

O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary I beg the conversion of poor sinners. Amen.

That sure sucks.

But can somebody help me out here: what do the words on the wall actually mean?

It appears the vandals are upset about the Catholic church’s support of Proposition 8,

How did they come to that conclusion? Where the criminals caught?

It’s just from time to time when walking down the city I can see a bunch of this swastika **** spray paint on different buildings done by some idiots, just for the heck of vandalism.

Further proof that we are on the right side of the “Gay Agenda” battle. Expect or thuggery and violence by the “Gay Agenda” gangs

Wow…Would this qualify as a “hate crime” or does that only work when gays are targeted?

This church has been described as “gay friendly.” In all curiosity, and not trying to be judgmental, devisive, or any other name I’ve been called on these forums…is the parish itself accepting of the gay lifestyle or just the parishoners? To clarify, is this article saying that this particular church condones gay marriage - which goes against the Holy See - or that it doesn’t, but its members do?

It’s hard to make out a bout about “is the love?” Which makes me thing the graffiti is all gay pride slogans.

If you read the article you can see a quote about being disturbed about Prop. 8’s support from the hierarchy.

I’m quite familiar with this church, Holy Redeemer. Located in the most heavily gay district in SF, it does both support & minister to gay individuals and self-proclaimed gay couples. Communion is offered to all. Not being gay, I have never attended a Mass there, so I cannot comment knowledgeably further about the content of homilies, for example. Perhaps their weekly bulletin is online or has been referenced above. I do not know what official position any pastor there has taken on the issue of the Newsom-initiated “gay marriages” executed on the steps of City Hall, etc. Clearly, one would think that if there were such official approval of this from a clergymember, it woud be in opposition to Catholic morality.

Personally, I do not know how Catholic churches can “support,” officially or not, acknowledged physical relationships between members of the same gender. I do see the need for tolerance (& in that sense, “inclusiveness”). There are other parishes in the City that similarly call themselves “inclusive.” Gay members attend with their partners and are lectors, eucharistic ministers, etc.

Perhaps the aspect that is most Christ-like about Holy Redeemer Church is their hospice: it developed back in the late '80’s and thrived in the 90’s. (I believe it’s still around.) It’s called Coming Home Hospice and was opened initially for dying AIDS patients. However, one does not need to be gay or have AIDS to be admitted. (I once saw a young man there who had suffered an early stroke.) Those who come there are asked for no money. They are cared for at the end-stage and die with dignity. This is a corporal work of mercy.

Anyone who wants more info can PM me.

Sorry I got off-topic. But therefore, as you can see, it was ironic that vandals selected this Prop–8-unfriendly church. There are a couple of very conservative parishes in the City, undoubtedly pro-Prop-8, that would have been more logical targets, but obviously am glad were not affected.

After reading this article and the attached comments, I was struck by the amount of hatred people have toward Catholicism. Christ was right. The world does hate us. So much for the tolerance of the left.

Where is the love? Is the bottom portion.

It appears to say niederauer above Ratzinger. I’m guessing niederauer is a name as it has no meaning in German (nieder means low or down)

Niederauer is the last name of the Catholic archbishop of San Francisco.

The police are treating it as a hate crime.

The Catholic Kristallnacht will begin in San Francisco.Within 25 years there will be literal persecution of Catholics specifically and the rest of Christianity in general and those of other faiths such as the Mormons.There will be martyrdom.And no I’m not a Prophet I just pay attention.And they call US haters.

Thank you Elizabeth502, for providing that info. I checked out the church’s website and can see that it is indeed very inclusive of the gay community. It seems, however, that the leaders of the church may be in a bit of an awkward situation if their gay parishoners wish to have their unions blessed. I am curious as to what a priest in that parish would do in that situation. I applaud the church leaders’ inclusion of the gay community, but am wondering at what point inclusion turns into condoning something that the Catholic Church is very much against. :shrug:

Yes, dotFaith. It’s a fine line to walk, or it would appear so.

Thanks for the information on Niederauer.

Well said. Sad, but well said. :frowning:

Here is a post on a Bay Area Catholic priest’s blog about the incident and the church involved:

Follow the links on the blog to find out more about the church and the controversy surrounding it, especially about the “Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence” running their bingo games on church property, with gay porn as prizes. Other churches found out about it and the lease was cancelled because of the uproar that resulted, not only locally, but worldwide.

Hi, Elazabeth502,

Could this be rephrased…

… as a very slippery slope?

God Bless

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